Jason Sudeikis Calls Out Olivia Wilde For 'Traumatizing' Their Son at Disneyland
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"I have never been so scared in my life," Wilde said of the amusement park experience.

Jason Sudeikis isn't letting Olivia Wilde get away with "traumatizing" their 5-year-old son.

While guest hosting "The Ellen DeGeneres Show" Wednesday, the "Horrible Bosses" star called out his partner for scaring their son Otis when they took him to Disneyland for his fourth birthday.

"I do want to take this opportunity in front of a bunch of people to ask you why do you keep traumatizing our son at amusement parks?" Sudeikis began.

"This is important. This is something I want to bring up," he recalled. "Liv and I took our son Otis when he was four years old to Disneyland. He liked Splash Mountain and we did it again. Then we got cocky and we took him on Space Mountain."

However, the couple, who also share daughter Daisy, 2, took Otis on the popular amusement park ride despite the fact that he was way too small for it.

"It's really traumatizing for me because you're not supposed to take a four-year-old on [Space Mountain]," Wilde shared as they showed a shot of the family on the ride.

"Look at my face," she said of the pic. "I've never been more scared in my life. That's real mom fear!"

"That's real little boy fear too," Sudeikis added.

In the hilarious photo, Wilde, who was sitting in the front row of the Space Mountain car, is seen grabbing on to her son as he grips the ride's safety bar in front of him. While Sudeikis looked unfazed by the rollercoaster, young Otis and Wilde look terrified. In addition, it seemed the speed of the ride caused Otis' curly blonde locks to fly onto his face.

"He looks like he's in 'The Ring,'" Sudeikis joked. Wilde, on the other hand, didn't understand how Otis was cleared to go on the ride in the first place.

"First of all, why did we go in the front? That I'll never understand," she said. "Second of all, why did they let him on? There's a height chart, but no weight chart. So he's really tall but he's really skinny. He's like a little string bean. He could have fallen right out of there."

"I have never been so scared in my life," she reiterated.

Sudeikis then poked fun at the college admissions scandal, joking a large bribe from A-list parents was the reason Otis was allowed to get on the amusement park ride.

"The reason why they let him on that rollercoaster is that we wrote him a check for $500,000, which you can get anything you want for that money," he quipped. "That's the real Fastpass."

The couple, who have been engaged since 2013, also recorded a hilarious music video titled "Let's Give Mommy a Time Out." Check out the funny clip, below.

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