The Jonas Brothers Rocked the Red Carpet at 'Chasing Happiness' Premiere

The brothers also dish on what Nick thinks his brothers might be jealous of and the worst thing Kevin ever did when they were younger ... and got away with!

The Jonas Brothers are more than just a band, they're family and they're brothers. So who should know more about them then ... well, them? And now everyone else too, as they proved more than willing to dish on Joe's wild bachelor party.

It all went down during Jimmy Fallon's favorite new game -- and we have to agree it's pretty great -- called Know Your Bro. One by one, the brothers donned noise-cancelling headphones so he could ask the other two some juicy question about the one who can't hear them.

Thus, Joe and Kevin got to reveal what they believe Nick would say they're most jealous of him for. That proved the tamest question of the bunch, as they teased him for his vast collection and he dropped that maybe they were jealous that he got to perform at the White House ... twice.

Things got way more fun when Kevin and Joe took their turns under the headphones. For Kevin, Jimmy asked his brothers what was the worst thing he did and got away with as a child. They kept things pretty tame at first, talking about sneaking out. Then, suddenly we were talking underage drinking and maybe cigarettes.

"It's getting worse and worse," Jimmy laughed.

"It is getting worse and worse," Nick agreed. "Let's stop there; let's see what he says."

Well, Kevin threw out something Nick didn't even remember. Let's just say that neither he nor Joe were old enough at the time to go to a tattoo parlor and yet both of them were there.

Nick absolutely did remember Jimmy's question when it was Joe who wasn't listening. After all, it sounds like Joe was the one doing most of the drinking at his bachelor party, so he might not remember it as well as his brothers. Nevertheless, Jimmy wanted to know the wildest thing that happened.

Immediately, Kevin and Nick started laughing. "Where do we start," Nick said, before deciding, "Okay, we're gonna air it out."

"We had the cops on the first night called on us three times," he shared. But he wasn't done there. "Joe ripped off his shirt in a nightclub, proceeded to rip off two of his friends’ shirts in the nightclub."

Okay that's pretty wild, but even that wasn't enough. Joe was just jamming away to Jimmy's playlist while Nick broke down what he did with a 1942 brand tequila box -- not bottle, but box.

"He took the cardboard box for 1942, the tequila, and somehow cut it into a bandana that just said 1942 across his forehead and he wore that on a boat all day long," Nick shared. Honestly, we're impressed with his craftsmanship.

When asked what he thought his brothers said, Joe had to laugh. "I'm trying to see if I remember anything," he said. In the end, though, he was the only one who guessed right.

What a fantastic game, though. We could see a home version of that selling online, and we're dying to see him try it out on other famous siblings like the Kardashians and the Hemsworths, or even other bands. It's a great way to learn some fun gossip and get some insight as to how they all think about one another.

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