'The Walking Dead' Star Chad Coleman Hopes For Redemption For O.J. Simpson (Exclusive)
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The actor, who played the disgraced former NFL star, hopes O.J. can still do some good before he dies.

He played O.J. Simpson in the 2002 film "Monday Night Mayhem".

And Chad Coleman is still holding out hope for redemption for the disgraced former NFL star.

"The Walking Dead" favorite was caught by cameras at LAX on the 25th anniversary of the murder of Simpson's ex-wife Nicole Brown and her friend Ron Goldman, a crime O.J. was accused of and later cleared (before being found legally responsible in a subsequent civil case).

"What I wish for him is further growth," Coleman said. "Somehow, somewhere, some way, to be able to connect with a part of himself that's full of humanity. And hopefully before he leaves this Earth to be able to do something for humanity that people can be proud of."

He added: "Anything is possible. Think about it, without hope.... if we don't believe in the possibility of redemption and change, where are we?"

Coleman, who played Tyreese on "TWD", said that instead of mourning or attacking, such an anniversary should be marked by "celebrating the possibility of decency and humanity."

"All I can hope for is that we all learn what we need to learn, and be able to move forward in a way that we are embracing each other, compassionate to each other, kind, respectful and loving," he said. "That's what I hope for."

Coleman also revealed he doesn't look back any differently on his portrayal, as he was playing O.J. "pre-Nicole".

"That was a period of time when America did celebrate him, and he was a famed athlete, and all of this darkness and negativity hadn't come about," he insisted. "It was just a fun time with Monday Night Football."

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