R. Kelly Accuser Asante McGee Sends Message to Girls Who Are Still Involved With Singer (Exclusive Video)
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"I know he has a real good way of manipulating you and make you feel like the world is against you," McGee, who was featured in documentary series 'Surviving R. Kelly," said of the controversial singer.

R. Kelly accuser Asante McGee has a powerful message for girls who are still involved with the singer amid multiple sexual abuse allegations against him.

"Love yourself first and if he really genuinely loves you, why is he keeping you away from your family?" McGee, who was featured in documentary series "Surviving R. Kelly", said in an interview with TooFab at the MTV Movie and TV Awards red carpet on Saturday.

"Your family loves you. They miss you," she continued. "They just want to make sure you're okay. So if he loves you the way that you say that he loves you, then you will be able to freely reunite with your family."

According to McGee, she got serious with the "Trapped in the Closet" singer in 2014 and dated him for two and a half years. However, she only lived with him for three weeks (when she was in her early to mid thirties). But that was enough time for McGee to realize something wasn't right.

"After living with him for three weeks, that's when the abuse started," McGee claimed while talking to TooFab. "And that's when I knew that I could not be in the house anymore and after I left the house, I actually contacted the parents of the girls that are still in the house with him today to let them know, 'Hey, do you know what was going on with your daughters? You need to get your children out of the house.' And so pretty much after I contacted them, they contacted more people and the movement got started."

She went on to claim that the girls still living with Kelly are "starstruck" and are being "manipulated."

"The longer you're there," McGee added, "the harder it is for you to back away. And so for him, and by me knowing him personally, I know he has a real good way of manipulating you and make you feel like the world is against you and they're jealous that you're there [with him] and they want to be where you are. So, you know, like I said, they're young and they just really think that he genuinely loves them."

The Lifetime docu-series, "Surviving R. Kelly", which is up for Best Documentary at the awards show, took the world by storm in today's #MeToo era as it documented the R&B singer's alleged history of sexual abuse against young girls -- from the point of view of the victim's themselves.

"I feel like because a lot of women, our voices are not being heard. And so then when you come against a high profile artist like R. Kelly, no one believes us. But when it's power in numbers, everything falls together," McGee said of the documentary.

McGee, who calls the show's impact "unreal," said knowing she was a force in the movement puts a "smile" on her heart.

"I always tell people it's not just about R. Kelly," she said. "This is where it started. But telling them my story was to get other victims out of those situations. Some of them are scared and the more we continue to talk out, speak out, then you know more people would come forward."

"I can't believe you know three years ago I came forward, told my story and we filmed for the docu-series," she added. "I never knew there was going to have as much of a huge impact as it has today, but I'm happy that it did."

R. Kelly, who is the subject of multiple accusations of sexual abuse, continues to deny any and all wrongdoing.

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