Chrissy Teigen Shares Baby Miles' First Word In Hilariously Sweet Instagram Video
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The mother of two captured the sweet moment as her own mother, Grandma Vilailuck, conducted an adorable interview with Miles where every answer was the same.

Chrissy Teigen and John Legend's son Miles has chosen his first word, and he's having an absolute blast saying it over and over again.

The model shared the video to her Instagram page showing her mother, Vilailuck, giving what may turn out to be the easiest interview of her life as Miles smiles from his high chair.

Grandma Vilailuck was loving it, too, as she asked little Miles first if he loved yāy, the Thai word for grandma. We get it, we'd have probably started there, too, just to hear that sweet voice confirm it. His face was pure love, too, and it was almost too much.

"Yeah!" he shouted triumphantly, his face lit up with the most precious and genuine smile. And he would keep that smile and that response as she worked her way through the family, asking if he loved his mother, father, grandpa and older sister Luna.

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when your first word is “yeah!”

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Teigen commented on her own post, hilariously noting, "Luna’s first word was 'no.' They're exactly us." She was speaking, of course, of her eternally optimistic and joyful husband John Legend, while apparently saying that she's perhaps a little snarkier.

Not that anyone who has followed the internet legend's social media presence isn't already aware. You don't become the undisputed queen of the clapback without a little snark and cleverness, and Teigen is overloaded with both, brilliantly creating a second career beyond modeling and hosting based on her endearingly down-to-earth and hilarious personality.

And already working that smile, Miles is looking to be a perfect addition to their outgoing family dynamic. We can't wait to see what his next words are, though, we'd settle for a "Yeah" and "No" debate between him and Luna.

Yes, we know she's saying more words now. Just don't take this from us, okay?

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