John Legend and Chrissy Teigen Take Luna and Miles on Tropical Family Vacation

It's Jimmy Fallon's least favorite game made even worse when Teigen freaks him out and declares one item "the worst one I've ever seen on here."

It's easily one of Jimmy Fallon's simplest games, and one that Chrissy Teigen has watched countless times from her couch. But as she pointed out, it's very different playing from "The Tonight Show" stage.

It all comes down to what you know and don't know. From home, it's funny to watch Fallon and his guests freaking out over a sponge, but on the show it could be anything in their minds so it's more a game of psychology.

"Can You Feel It?" brings out random objects in a box with a glass front. The audience and viewers can see what's in it, but Fallon and his guest cannot. Instead, they reach inside the box through holes on the sides and have to identify it by touch alone.

They take turns in the game, which means the person not playing can see what's in the box, and Teigen used this to her advantage to really freak the squeamish Fallon out. He practically starts screaming and jumping out of his skin before the game even starts, and it's only made worse by the gasps and reactions from the audience.

Before it even began, Teigen and Fallon had a conversation about how sometimes the objects are genuinely scary, though Fallon said it happens rarely. Nevertheless, with the very first object, Teigen took one look at it and said, "So there are scary ones, apparently," and then she started laughing.

It was a pile of sticks of butter. Yeah, Teigen came to play and she played hard!

Nevertheless, when it came time for her to identify something as innocuous as a sand castle, she didn't need Fallon to get in her head, as she kept freaking herself out. Finally, she shouted, "Is it an ant farm?" after handling some of the sand.

It only got wackier and more challenging from there, with Fallon actually yelling at his staff at one point when he saw what he'd just been touching. "That is not in the rules at all or any respect for me at all." he shouted, before genuinely asking, "What in the hell is that?" Sometimes seeing the thing doesn't make it any more clear.

But it was the last object that was the most genuinely disturbing. It was supposed to be a double-shot, with both Teigen and Fallon reaching in, but Teigen stepped in front and saw what was in the box without realizing she wasn't supposed to.

She was grateful she did, too, declaring it "the worst one I've ever seen on here" and insisting she would never, ever, ever, ever put her hand in that box. That left Fallon to do it alone, and he was not happy about it.

We could spoil it for you here, but what would be the fun in that? It is genuinely pretty gross and yet it's an absolutely blast watching both him and Teigen freaking out about it before and even after.

Check out all the squeals and screams and jitters and jumps as Teigen and Fallon apparently battle it out to see who's the most squeamish in the video above.

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