Jeff Lewis Tells Listeners He's in 'Serious' Trouble with SiriusXM, Then Does Exactly What He Was Told Not to Do
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"Apparently, there is a second official HR complaint against me and this show," the "Flipping Out" star tells his listeners.

Jeff Lewis may be in some hot water with his SiriusXM bosses.

On Tuesday, the "Flipping Out" star decided to detail on the air a phone call he had purportedly received from one of his "Jeff Lewis Live" programming directors.

"Apparently, there is a second official HR complaint against me and this show," he explained, noting that the first complaint had been filed less than two weeks ago. "Yesterday's complaint was apparently a little more serious. It was a phone call, which is not good. I would prefer the email. When they call you, it's more pressing."

Lewis said the complaint was in regard to him having called out a fellow employee by name during one of his episodes.

"They said, 'In the future, you are no longer allowed to call out SiriusXM employees individually on your radio show. You can call out the departments, but you can't call out the individuals,'" he said. "So this is our second HR complaint in 10 days, which is not good."

Lewis said he stayed up late trying to figure out "who could have potentially ratted us out."

He estimated he's named 13 XM employees on his show, including four "higher-level executives" who "could get us fired." Regardless, Lewis said he felt the remarks he made were "fairly complimentary."

"I'm not that stupid," he insisted. "I'm self-destructive, but I'm not stupid."

What happened next was almost unbelievable; the Bravo star narrowed the list of people who he feels could have filed the complaint down to nine, naming all of them on air.

As he was doing so, Lewis interrupted himself to announce he had just received a text message from the XM exec who informed him of the complaint.

"Oh, God. Is he texting me already?" Lewis said to his listeners. "Yup, he's texting me. Oh, shit."

He claimed the message read: "You're literally saying every SiriusXM employee's name."

"I'm not. Am I?" Lewis asked. "I'm trying to figure out who did this."

The Bravo star went on to say the exec asked him to "not rhyme names that are similar to the names who you think turned you in on the radio," which Lewis followed up by saying he thought the people who turned him in were "Starchy" and "Fargo," names that presumably rhyme with the names of his colleagues.

"Moving forward," Lewis announced, "we are not going to call out any individual names. We are only going to call out the departments." But his tone quickly changed as he began to wonder if it was a "fair" request for his employer to have made.

"If somebody, in my opinion, is not doing their job, I can't talk about it? I have to go to HR?" Lewis asked, noting that the HR staff likely felt "like this is job security."

Before wrapping, the Bravo star announced that "Jeff Lewis Live" wouldn't be airing over the July 4th holiday week but insisted it was not a result of disciplinary action.

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