Camille Grammer Defends Bringing Up Dorit Kemsley's Legal Issues on 'RHOBH,' Rips Into 'Instigator-in-Chief' Lisa Rinna
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"Some of her tops could be $2-3,000, and the pants $2-3,000. That's a $6,000 outfit, not including the diamonds and the shoes. I question that," Camille says.

Camille Grammer is defending bringing up Dorit Kemsley's legal issues on Tuesday's episode of "The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills," while casting blame for her behavior on her castmates.

During a dinner documented at the end of Tuesday's episode, Dorit was in the midst of civilly confronting Camille about some negative things she had said about her to Lisa Rinna when Camille accused Dorit and her husband, PK, of owing someone "very, very close" to her $1 million.

During Tuesday's "RHOBH After Show," Camille reiterated that PK had confided in her about his bankruptcy, something she first brought up to Dorit at the dinner in question.

"PK had a heart-to-heart with me. He started opening up by saying that he had fallen on hard times," she said on the "After Show," but the footage that flashed across the screen showed PK speaking about his rise to wealth in front of Camille and a group of people. He said, "I'm the kid that grew up in a normal place and ended up a billionaire out of nowhere. And now, I got taken down, because if you get too big for your boots, you get taken down." The footage also aired during Tuesday's episode of "RHOBH," and according to Bravo, it's from a year ago.

"And then I see Dorit running around with very, very expensive clothes," Camille continued on the "After Show." "We're talking about some of her tops could be $2-3,000, and the pants $2-3,000. That's a $6,000 outfit, not including the diamonds and the shoes. I question that. I question like, 'How can you afford that?' And she's acting like, 'Oh, you're so horrible!' I mean, gimme a break here. Get over it! Come on. I mean, I'm not the only one questioning this; the other girls are questioning it, too, but they're not saying it!"

While keeping coy about specifics, Dorit also addressed Camille's claims on the "After Show."

"She was threatening," Dorit said. "She was getting very aggressive, and she just kept threatening. 'I know he owes money to someone. He owes money.'"

"'And I'm protecting you,'" added Erika Jayne, who was sitting beside Dorit. At the time of the outburst, Camille insisted she was "protecting" Dorit by not revealing everything she knew about her legal affairs.

"It was designed to hurt me, to embarrass me," Dorit added, as Erika noted, "It was designed to make you look bad."

"To look bad," Dorit repeated. "Like, what the f--k are you talking about?"

"You know, I couldn't understand where the animosity was coming from," Erika noted. "And then, none of that has anything to do with you or your relationship with Camille. [Dorit's] not responsible for her husband -- you know, believe me, it was just something that was just, in my opinion, way off base."

Dorit went on to say that "PK's affairs and whoever's coming out trying to say he owes them money -- that is from another lifetime ago. It's way before me, it's way before his bankruptcy. It's at the height. And unfortunately, when you become public, they come out of the woodworks, and that's exactly what's happening. There is far more to the story than what people think that they know. And there's a lot that I can't say, obviously, because it's in the hands of lawyers, where it should be."

"As far as engaging or trying to speak on that matter, it's not something I'm gonna entertain," she added. "It's not my place. It's gotta belong where it belongs in the court of law. And you can assure that we have a court of law for a very good reason."

There is at least one lawsuit out there accusing PK of not repaying a $1.2 million loan from 2011. The case is ongoing.

As far as her relationship with Camille is concerned, Dorit doesn't seem to think there's any coming back from this.

"I've now been in a place with Camille oh too many times where she's very nice to my face, we have a lot of conversations on and off camera, and then when I turn my back, she's saying something horrific about me. It's just like, 'Okay, what is your agenda here, honey?' I don't know why. Maybe she thinks I'm an easy target? I don't know, but claw at me, and let me tell you something: Scratch a tiger's nose, okay? Just be careful."

Camille also took aim at the rest of her castmates, mainly Lisa Rinna, for talking smack about the complimentary comments she made about Lisa Vanderpump in the press. The day after Camille's Hawaiian wedding, while at brunch, Camille vented to the women about how upset and disappointed she was that Vanderpump didn't show up to her bridal shower or wedding. On the bus ride immediately following, Rinna saw a PEOPLE magazine article in which Camille was singing LVP's praises. Everyone was furious.

"Can I say how pissed off I was about that?" Camille said on the "After Show." "The first half of that PEOPLE magazine article that they were reading happened even before I left for Hawaii, it happened before my wedding, it happened before Lisa showed up or didn't show up."

"I can be disappointed that Lisa didn't show up for my wedding and not be mad at her," Camille insisted. "Yeah, I miss her. It would've been nice for her to come. Yes, I am disappointed, but I understand it! Because she lost her brother and she's going through a lot. You can have both of those feelings! Even if I said something nice about Lisa, so what? So what?! So what?! Why get after me? This is about my wedding! Have a heart, girls. Support me and my marriage and my nuptials."

"They should be happy for me that I just got married after the horrible experience I went through with my divorce," she added. "I went through an awful divorce, and I went through cancer. I didn't choose to be a victim; it happened."

An off-camera producer asked Camille if she was ever "mad at" -- not necessarily disappointed with -- LVP for not coming to celebrate her big day.

"I don't remember being really so mad at Lisa; I think the girls wanted me to be mad," Camille replied. "Lisa Rinna wanted me -- you could see her -- she wanted me to follow her along, like she was leading me into this emotion that she was feeling. She wanted me to jump on that, but I was going in it halfway because that's not how I felt. I felt for Lisa. Like I said, I had great empathy for what she was going through. I understood it. Can I be disappointed at the same time? Yes. Do I miss her presence there 'cause she's fun to be with? Yes. But do I understand she's going through a lot? Yes."

"And I can also understand the girls' frustration," she added. "They're frustrated about her. I understand that they were frustrated, and maybe that comes off wishy-washy to them, but this was my wedding. Put the pettiness aside."

Camille got even more vocal about her castmates in a scathing blog post, calling Rinna an "Instigator-in-Chief" and Teddi her "Chief Medical Officer."

"Why Lisa Rinna needed to make me the target of controversy with the ladies the morning after my wedding still escapes me," Camille said before shading Teddi and Kyle Richards over their spat with Erika in France. "Their explanation was duplicity. However, duplicity seems ascendant in Beverly Hills as we saw the crew (less the fire victims) go after each other while vacationing in Provence. We were witness to the accountability coach conveniently unable to remember her nasty comments to Erika. 'Pretend Amnesia,' a Teddi discovery, may have struck again. Kyle couldn't refrain from getting in on the action and Lisa R prodded it along. Glad I missed that, so that Erika could field the brunt of their collective nastiness rather than their planned target, me."

Prior to Camille making the accusations about Dorit, Dorit expressed sadness about how "a certain friend of ours" (Lisa Vanderpump) had chosen to distance herself from the group. Camille said she hadn't spoken to LVP, either, and when Dorit noted that she had skipped out on Camille's bridal shower and wedding, Camille said, "She should've come." That's when Rinna accused her of letting Vanderpump "off the hook."

"The pretext for their snarky behavior is equally baffling -- my empathy for their former best friend, Lisa Vanderpump," Camille said in her blog. "Empathy is apparently still in short supply in the Puppygate Girl Gang as the dinner following the Beverly Beach debut at Kitson turned into a 'take Camille to task' outing. They must have sensed weakness after I vented about 'dude coping' and my post-fire ordeals from our previous dinner, because I walked into an ambush. Following a short appetizer of feigned sympathy, I was treated to a main course of scorn and antipathy fueled by a friendship that at one time we all shared. I was one bite into my salad when the Instigator-in-Chief called on me to account for what I may have said about each of them."

She went on, "The idea that, according to Lisa R and Dr. Arroyave, I have to 'own it' and submit myself to their inquisition and approval is ridiculous. They never 'own it,' nor take themselves to task. At the dinner, I simply had enough of this and gave my unvarnished, unfiltered feelings about how I felt at the moment living in the aftermath of the losses I experienced."

Camille did, however, say she "felt bad immediately afterward for saying the things I said about Dorit as they hit below the belt."

"I wish I had not succumbed to their relentless pressure and made the remarks I made," she said. "I was hurting, taken by surprise, and overwhelmed by the enormity of events that I just experienced."

"The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills" airs Tuesdays at 9 p.m. on Bravo.

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