Audrina Patridge's Ex-Husband Slams 'Vile and Disgusting' Spencer Pratt for Questioning Daughter's Paternity
Inside the Premiere for 'The Hills: New Beginnings"

In a recap for "The Hills: New Beginnings," Spencer insinuated Justin Bobby could be the father. Yeah, Corey didn't like that.

Calling ex-wife Audrina Patridge "shameful," Corey Bohan unloaded on both the mother of his child and Spencer Pratt over comments the latter made about the ex-couple's daughter, Kirra.

Following the premiere of "The Hills: New Beginnings" -- which saw Audrina go on a semi-date with ex-boyfriend Justin Bobby following her tumultuous divorce -- Pratt joked Justin could actually be Kirra's father. That statement set off Bohan.

"Oi ya Kook @spencerpratt. It's clear that you will do and say anything to keep your name in the headlines, even if that means dragging your family through the mud," Bohan wrote on Instagram.

"You can say whatever filth you want about YOUR family, cast-mates or even myself but I draw the line when it comes to MY daughter," he continued. "Kirra is an innocent three year old child. Joking about the validity of who her father is, is vile and disgusting. I would hope that since you're now a father yourself you’d have more tact and understanding, but I can't say that I'm surprised."

"The things you say publicly will be accessible to my daughter forever and I will continue to do everything in my power to not expose her to such nonsense," the statement went on. "Keep her out of your attempts to stay relevant ya f--k."

Turning his sights on Audrina, he added, "How shameful the mother of my child would not put an end to this immediately. #attentionseekingf--ks #pissofyawankers." A rep for Patridge had no comment.

In a recap Pratt did for Cosmopolitan, he wrote about Audrina and Justin's "crazy chemistry." Spencer added, "What was all that talk about Justin Bobby doing things to Audrina her husband never did? I wanna know who’s baby that is. How do we know it’s not Justin's Baby? Let's get a DNA testing kit for the reunion. Get a whole lab in there for a dramatic reveal."

He also went off on Bohan, claiming he "went off the deep end on social media when he saw [Audrina] was filming. He kept tagging me in pictures saying 'Audrina is disgusting to be hanging out with Heidi and Spencer.'"

"It's funny that he loved filming when he was on the show, but now that no one wants him around, it's suddenly 'an embarrassment?' Come on, player," Pratt wrote. "He's Brody’s friend ... so that should tell you everything you need to know."

"From what I read on TMZ, he's the world's worst ex," the post continued. "It made me feel sorry for Audrina. That doesn't mean I'm not going to light her up all season though."

Patridge filed for divorce 10 months after the couple got married in 2016. She also filed for a restraining order against Corey, claiming he harassed and shoved her while holding Kirra. The D.A.'s office chose not to prosecute him for domestic battery and the two later reached a settlement.

In the premiere, Patridge alluded to her volatile relationship with Bohan. "I cut off a lot of friendships and I cut off a lot of opportunities all for this guy that treated me like shit," she explained to Stephanie Pratt. "I was so numb and isolated and so depressed I lost over 20 pounds."

"It's been a crazy couple years," she explained at the top of the show, "I feel like I'm waking up from a bad dream."

"The Hills: New Beginnings" airs Mondays on MTV.

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