Kristen Stewart Kicks Ass In First Trailer for 'Charlie's Angels' Reboot
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"I think women can do anything," says Stewart at the top of the preview.

Good morning, Charlie!

"Charlie's Angels" are back in action in a new reboot from director and star Elizabeth Banks, this one starring Kristen Stewart, Naomi Scott and Ella Balinska as the titular trio of super spies.

The first trailer for the movie dropped Thursday morning, set to a new single from an equally-powerful threesome of pop singers: Ariana Grande, Lana Del Rey and Miley Cyrus.

The plot this time around: Scott's character is a programmer working on something that "can revolutionize the power industry" and also poses a threat if it winds up in the wrong hands. She teams up with Stewart and Balinska to prevent that from happening.

Banks steps in as Bosley, introducing the newcomer to the organization's collection of wigs, clothes and "toys," as well as "handsome nerd" Noah Centineo. Eagle-eyed viewers will also catch some outfits from the previous films starring Drew Barrymore, Cameron Diaz and Lucy Liu hanging in the new ladies' closet.

Check out the official synopsis below. The movie hits theaters November 15, 2019.

Director Elizabeth Banks takes the helm as the next generation of fearless Charlie's Angels take flight. In Banks' bold vision, Kristen Stewart, Naomi Scott, and Ella Balinska are working for the mysterious Charles Townsend, whose security and investigative agency has expanded internationally. With the world's smartest, bravest, and most highly trained women all over the globe, there are now teams of Angels guided by multiple Bosleys taking on the toughest jobs everywhere. The screenplay is by Elizabeth Banks from a story by Evan Spiliotopoulos and David Auburn.