Lance Bass' Husband Hits Back at 'RHONJ' Alum Jim Marchese's Homophobic Tirade (Updated)
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"I would tell you to suck my d--k but you would like it," Jim Marchese hurls at Michael Turchin.

UPDATED: 10:45 a.m. on 6/28/19

A lot has happened since yesterday.

After Jim Marchese called Michael Turchin a "p---y" in response to this initial post (see previous story and update below), a Twitter user commented, "You are calling him a p---y? I doubt you would say it to his face. He would kick your ass!! You are a big mouth twerp."

Michael replied to the fan, "TRUTH. The man blocked me before I even saw what he had tweeted in the first place. What a LOSER." Jim replied: "Not blocked," adding the hashtag "liberal p---y."

"Lol you literally unblocked me to write this I said, LOSER," Michael replied, adding three laugh-cry emojis. That's when Amber got in on the arguing. "Wow, Michael, you talked shit to me for days, now too scared to say shit to my husband? Such a coward," she wrote.

Michael replied to Amber, "Coward?? Your husband tweeted about me, didn't even have the balls to @ me in it, and then blocked me before I even saw what he wrote. Such courage your whiny husband has," and added three laugh-cry emojis.

In response to Jim's claim Michael was attacking Amber, Michael said, "And I 'bullied' your wife how exactly? By repeating the literal words she wrote to me? Nah try again."

Jim replied, "Attack Amber in a DM for my tweet & go public. #famewhore Just be thankful you don't live near me bitch. #RHONJ is fake. So don't expect a sweatervest, Ill give you a lesson learned in the Bronx & take your hand out of your pants when you tweet, it's obvious you need attention."

The conversation got even nastier when a different Twitter told Jim, "You are so nasty!!! I don't know how Amber stays married to you!!!" Replying to said comment, Michael wrote, "They're such pathetic people. Glad ppl see them for who they really are."

That's when Jim said, "Right here you p---y. It good that your gay because no women would have a bitch like you. Guess you are the submissive one. Talking shit & harass my wife for attention! I would tell you to suck my d--k but you would like it. Stay on your knees you belong there!"

Michael replied, "And lastly -- even as a gay man I could snag more women then your whiny 3ft nothing bigoted loser ass. You can go back to blocking me now little guy. Have an awesome day." That, of course, didn't actually end the conversation.

"You keep saying I blocked you and avoiding me," Jim replied. "Guess you cannot here me because you are bent with your face hurried in... and cannot see... #pathetic #coward #gayforpay. Had no idea who you were until Amber told, I block all dumbass weirdos."

And with that, Michael jumped back into the fire, replying, "You've clearly not read the multiple tweets I just sent you lol. Oh and I screenshot you blocking me yesterday so I can post that too if you'd like little guy. And what exactly does 'bent with your face hurried in' mean?? You're use of the English language is just as bad as your wife's I see."

"Too funny," Jim wrote back. "I out weigh you by 30 pounds and would destroy you in a weight room... you skinny little p---y. Keep talking maybe you get attention and be more than a c--dumpster for"

"God your stupid," he added. "I was hoping youdy ask itmeans: Bent over with your face pushed in the sheets so who ever can wipe their d--k off and hurry out before hearing your bitch voice...lololol. #stupidass."

After arguing over who is more educated and who is in better shape to beat up the other, Jim tweeted, "I cannot here you is there a d--k in your mouth? Yes, it is twitter we read here Einstein. I am 5'7 185 pounds... You are a giant...a giant lying p---y. So I guess you got much estrogen from being submissive and being a bitch...lolol."

The Twitter war is still very much ongoing ... stay tuned.

UPDATED: 10:34 a.m. on 6/27/19

Jim responded to TooFab's story below, tweeting, "Typical! This complete p*ssy attacks my wife, who is the boys step mother (and did nothing) Typical #liberal #coward @michaelturchin is mentally ill Bulling women to get his rocks off. Another example of HATE published for fame as the is unable to deal with his pathetic life."

ORIGINAL STORY: 9:02 a.m. on 6/27/19

Lance Bass' husband, artist Michael Turchin, is putting "Real Housewives of New Jersey" alum Amber Marchese on blast over her denial that she and her husband are refusing to pay for their son's college tuition because he's gay.

Amber and Jim Marchese released statements Wednesday, claiming the only reason they were refusing Michael James Marchese's tuition for his freshman year at Fairfield University in Connecticut was because they felt he had chosen a "no-name school." Both Jim and Amber denied they kicked James out of their home because of his sexual orientation and said everything he wrote on his GoFundMe page was a "fraud." Although Amber said she loved and adored her stepson regardless of his sexual orientation, she did feel he was "using my public platform coupled with him being gay in order to try to get us to pay for something."

After getting wind of the story -- and recalling a December 2018 tweet from Jim that read, "No straight male wants his son to be gay [because] a gay son is a curse that takes away your family traditions" -- Michael Turchin said he reached out to Amber "to see if she felt the same way."

His conclusion: "She does."

"She doubled down saying she doesn't hate gay ppl but that being gay is a harmful chosen lifestyle that is ruining the youth of America," Michael captioned an Instagram post showing several screenshots of a private conversation he claimed to have had with Amber.

"I brought [today's news] up to her attention again and she responded by saying I'm a mentally disturbed, troubled, angry, and 'slightly retarded' man for telling her to treat gay ppl especially her stepson equally and with dignity," Michael added. "So naturally I thought why not post this to Instagram and get everyone else's opinion."

Michael concluded his caption by giving props to Andy Cohen for reportedly firing the couple after just one season on "RHONJ."

"Glad these despicable ppl are off TV!" he wrote.

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If you know me you know I’m a big Housewives fan so when several months ago former RHONJ @amber_marchese and her husband made the news by publicly saying gay people are ruining society, families, the holidays, and that gay children are a curse on their families (her husband’s words) I reached out to her to see if she felt the same way—yes she does. She doubled down saying she doesn’t hate gay ppl but that being gay is a harmful chosen lifestyle that is ruining the youth of America. Today in he news it has been revealed that her stepson came out as gay and she and her husband told him they won’t pay for his college tuition unless he gives up that harmful lifestyle and live as a straight man instead (as if it’s his choice). I brought this up to her attention again and she responded by saying I’m a mentally disturbed, troubled, angry, and “slightly retarded” man for telling her to treat gay ppl especially her stepson equally and with dignity. So naturally I thought why not post this to Instagram and get everyone else’s opinion. Glad these despicable ppl are off TV! Good call @bravoandy

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TooFab has contacted Amber seeking comment.

Amber and Michael's conversation can be read in the screenshots below, but we've gone ahead and transcribed it in exactly the way it was written, for your convenience.

"These kids see it as a cool thing," Amber said to Michael. "I am in the schools. I see it. The numbers are out there, they don't lie. It's different from when you were a kid. It's a cool hashtag. I think we are allllll being very irresponsible with our youth. Seriously, I wish it was 100% genetic...take a freaking test and know."

Amber's next message is cut off in the screenshot, but the end of her statement says, "hooking up with a dude and changing the course of his life. That's all I'm saying. Can you at least give me that?"

"Fine, whatever, I'm just saying we need to stop making a cool fad to be gay. And that's what is going on in the schools. Once you habe a homosexual experience, you habe now changed your brain patter. Our brains are malleable, all experiences change us. These young boys are changing their lives. Literally, that's all I'm saying. We all need to be more responsible."

Michael responded, "But kids acting out for social reasons aren't gay people. That's a completely different issue. That's just kids acting out to combat hateful rhetorical and practices by older generations."

"It's so hard to protect my babies," Amber replied. "Either way, point remains."

"But that's ignoring the millions of kids who r ACTUALLY gay," Michael fired back. "And it IS biological. It's not a debate."

"I don't think millions are. Sorry there is more to this," Amber replied. "I am not convinced. And it is a fad."

Michael responded, "Just bc ppl r less afraid to be open about it doesn't mean it's suddenly a new thing."

"The numbers are rhere! Yes it isssss," Amber shot back.

"Ur not convinced? That's just crazy," Michael replied.

"I literally just looked up the CDC numbers," Amber said.

"The numbers r not there and even if they were there -- you NEVER said how it was harmful," Michael replied. "You've listed all these stats and whatnot and yet you've never said how it has harmed the world. I'm a gay person I'm pretty sure I know more about being gay than you."

Amber responded, "Actually young molding minds that are malleable will change to be hompsexual. Neuro plasticity of the brain is very important at that age. I am a mother I know more about that than you."

"That doesn't affect who you're attracted to sexually," Michael said.

"Yes it does," Amber replied. "Ughh...basic neuroscience. Your experience shape who you are."

"I give up," Michael said. "U soak up all this junk science and yet ignore the fact the the MAJORITY of the world scientists believe what I'm stating. "So my experience as a 2 year old made me attracted to men at 2? If that's the case there would be a higher rate of children who had gay parents."

"I have every study. Provide me a study that shows me what you are saying," Amber insisted.

"Which is true. I don't know u," Michael replied. "Bur unless ur able to say why being gay is wrong then u simply think it;s wrong bc gay ppl r inherently wrong. Which is literally the definition of bigotry. Hence why ppl r throwing that term around."

"I never said those words 'being gay is wrong,'" Amber replied. "I said we have a problem."

"But then why r u concerned then," Michael asked.

"As a society," Amber replied.

Michael responded, "Being attracted to the same sex isn't a lifestyle. It just is. Just as you being attracted to men isn't a lifestyle."

Amber replied, "We are going to very much disagree in this one. Honestly."

"I know we r and that's sad," Michael said. "Bc u r inherently wrong in ur beliefs. U just r."

"Jesus Christ, Michael. You are really pushy. Very intense," Amber said, to which Michael replied, "And even if it is a fad for straight kids (which I have yet to see or experience) you still haven't said why it's a problem."

Amber said, "I want f--king pop wine and drink now. But just like you want an authentic gay person to be gay, ne who they are. I want my heterosexual boys to [be] really heterosexual, be who they are."

"You're the sad one," Michael said to Amber at another part of the conversation. "On a crusade to illegitimize gay ppl when it doesn't even affect you. Not only sad but pathetic. Truly."

Amber went on to call Michael "inherently an angry person."

"And that's how the majority of this country now sees you. So congrats," Michael fired back.

"And slightly retarded," Amber replied. "Illegalize gays?"

"Wow did u just called me 'retarded'? U realize..." Michael said, but the rest of his response was cut off.



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