Larsa Pippen Says Jordyn Woods and Tristan Thompson Gave 'Weird Feeling' Prior to Cheating Scandal
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The family friend claims there were "other situations" that left her feeling a little off, and one of the Kardashian sisters was there when it happened!

It was the cheating scandal that rocked the Kardashian family to its core, but Larsa Pippen is suggesting it may go back further than anyone realizes.

Larsa, of course, was the family friend who first called the sisters to tell them about Tristan Thompson and Jordyn Woods allegedly getting a little too cozy together at and after a house party. But in a recent interview she claims the pair had had moments that gave her a "weird feeling" prior to this alleged hookup.

It was during a follow-up interview with Jason Lee of Hollywood Unlocked, who broke the initial story, that Larsa opened up a bit more about the history between Jordyn and Tristan. It was a heads-up from Lee before pubishing the story that prompted Larsa to reach out to the Kardashian clan and tell them what was about to break wide, so Jason has been invested in the story from the beginning.

Larsa appeared on his podcast, Hollywood Unlocked [Uncensored], where she recalled that moment when she reached out to the family, noting that Kim didn't believe her at first, but Kourtney did right away. According to Larsa, Kourtney simply said, "Yeah, I believe it."

The reason why Kourtney was more open to the idea had to do with personal experience, according to Larsa. "There were other situations where [Tristan and Jordyn] were in the same room together and it was like, a weird feeling," she told Jason. "And Kourtney was in that room."

Larsa did not go into further detail as to the "situations," but it's possible she would have never blown up the story in the way that she did had Jason not been on the cusp of breaking the story through his website. As it stood, it was either Khloe and Jordyn's then-BFF Kylie find out about the scandal via the press, or from a close personal family friend.

At the same time, with no furthe details, it's impossible to discern what kind of "situations" Larsa may be talking about, and at this point it's unlikely that anyone involved in the scandal is looking to divulge anything more from it.

Now that the whole sordid mess has aired as part of this past season of "Keeping Up with the Kardashians," Khloe and the rest might just be looking to move beyond it. The only wrinkle in that is Kylie's long friendship (practically sisterhood) with Jordyn and whether or not she is willing or able to just give that up.

As for the truth, there are still conflicting reports as to exactly what happened. What Jordyn revealed during a "Red Table Talk" interview in March does not line up with what Khloe reported she was told by both Jordyn and Tristan ... and even those stories don't quite match up. It's likely the full truth may never be known, making it even more possible Khloe will just want to move on with her life.

Tristan was embroiled in another cheating scandal while Khloe was nine months pregnant with their daughter, True, so it's a case of "fool me twice" at this point. At this time there is no indication Khloe is interested in going for a "thrice" situation.

Instead, five months after their breakup, she's been talking to the likes of Us Magazine about how she and her ex plan to share parenting of True. Sounds like a woman who has made her decision and come to peace with it, such as it is.

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