'RHONY' Reunion Recap: Bethenny Addresses Luann's Claim She Cheated on Late Ex-Boyfriend Dennis
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"Were you seeing the hot catering guy and your new guy in between periods of dating Dennis?" Andy presses on part 1 of the reunion.

Part 1 of the "Real Housewives of New York" Season 11 reunion kicked off on Thursday, and while the gang spent most of the hour revisiting a lot of the season's dramas, we also learned some new things.

That's what we want to focus on today: the new things. And the first new thing we learned is that Ramona Singer got almost all of her teeth replaced with veneers (20 in total). She was reluctant to talk about it, but she looks great!

Moving on to the good stuff.

We know Bethenny Frankel had a terribly rough year with losing Dennis Shields (overdose) and nearly dying herself (fish allergy), but on Thursday night, we got to hear from Bethenny herself if what Luann de Lesseps insinuated during a recent "RHONY After Show" taping -- that B was not faithful to Dennis -- was true.

When Andy Cohen noted that Bethenny got "hot and heavy" with her current boyfriend, Paul, while she was still grieving Dennis, she offered up a pretty sound explanation.

"So last Christmas, I went out on a date," she said. "I remember talking to Tinsley [Mortimer] and being like, 'I really like him!' I thought I was an idiot because I was saying, 'I don't know, I feel like he could be the one or something!' I was really into him, and we went out a couple of times, and I just wasn't really ready. Like, I was too needy, if that makes any sense? I wanted someone to give me a guarantee this is the guy because I didn't wanna get hurt."

Andy asked, "So he comes back into your life after Dennis passes?"

"He just came back and really courted me," Bethenny replied. "It was great because I had a history with him and I sort of trusted him. And we're still together."

Paul was the one who called 9-1-1 when Bethenny fell unconscious and spent days in the ICU after accidentally consuming fish. To this day, she claims he saved her life.

So will fans be seeing Paul on the show? Probably not. Bethenny said her man is a "very private, conservative, reserved person. He is calm and balanced, and this is not for him."

When Tinsley pointed out the hypocrisy of Bethenny not wanting Paul on the show but putting pressure on Tinsley to call Scott while cameras were rolling, Bethenny said it was a very different situation because Tinsley actually met Scott on camera.

Andy then asked Bethenny, per a fan's penned question, "Were you seeing the hot catering guy and your new guy in between periods of dating Dennis?"

"I dated intermittently," Bethenny explained. "What would happen was, we would break up for a month or two months, and then I'd be like, 'Okay,' and I'd say to Dennis, 'I wanna meet someone.' And I met catering guy (Russ) in The Hamptons, and we dated for six weeks, two months."

Everyone, including Andy, interrupted to gawk over how hot he was.

"I knooowww," Bethenny replied. "We were really very, very much into each other. There was an age difference, and I wasn't ready with that relationship to be honest."

As a paparazzi photo taken last year of Bethenny and Russ on the beach flashed across the screen, she noted, "That was a hard pill for Dennis to swallow, seeing me in a picture with him on the beach."

Bethenny explained she and Dennis had a very on-again, off-again relationship because he couldn't fully be there for her the way she needed him to be. She recalled one Mother's Day when he swore to give her and her daughter the best day ever, only to spend the whole day sleeping. It was Dennis' lack of dependability and stability, Bethenny says, that prevented her from committing to him the way she wanted to, but Dennis was head over heels. He loved her and Bryn, and would have married the Skinnygirl mogul if he had had his way.

Part 2 of the Season 11 "Real Housewives of New York" reunion airs Thursday, July 18 at 9 p.m. on Bravo.

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