Kel Mitchell Takes Us Inside Real-Life 'Good Burger' -- And It Really Is All That (Exclusive)
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Lori Beth Denberg Pays Good Burger a Visit!

Plus, see which celebrity patron flubbed the movie's most iconic line!

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It's been just about 22 years since Nickelodeon took their quirky, fast-food restaurant sketch -- starring Kel Mitchell and Kenan Thompson -- from the small screen ("All That") to the big screen ("Good Burger"), and now, it's a real-life restaurant.

Located in West Hollywood, California, Good Burger brings the 1997 teen classic to life. And who better to officially open its doors to the public than "Ed" himself?

TooFab was lucky enough to catch Kel before the mayhem of ribbon-cutting and fan-photo-taking ensued, where he joyfully revealed his favorite scene, how much of the movie was ad-libbed and how the pop-up came to be.

"The fans are the ones who made this happen," Kel explained. "How it all started though and why this is here is that me and my wife came to Saved By The Max, had dinner here, thought it was great, and I said to myself, 'We need to have a Good Burger. We need to do a Good Burger.' So I partnered up with Derek Berry, and now I got my own restaurant."

Saved By The Max was the highly successful pop-up diner based on "Saved by the Bell" that lived in the West Hollywood location Good Burger currently occupies.

Given Kel's years-long, incredibly synchronized on-screen dynamic with his co-star, Kenan, we wondered just how many of the scenes were filmed off the cuff.

"Well, it was written the way it was, and then they would let us go," Kel told us. "So like, they shot it in like two takes the way it is, and then they said, 'Go crazy. Ad-lib.' And a lot of the stuff we ad-libbed and improv'd ended up in the movie, which was pretty cool."

As far as his favorite scene is concerned, Kel's got a special place in his heart for what went down in the insane asylum. "That's where I got to dance!" he noted.

Biggest perk of having filmed the movie? "Everywhere I go, I get free burgers."

Must be nice!

While outside of the authentically decorated establishment, TooFab got to chat with a mother-son son duo that flew in from Chicago specifically for the pop-up's grand opening, two super animated restaurant employees (decked out in proper uniform) and none other than Farrah Abraham, who, of course, brought her 10-year-old daughter, Sophia.

(Wanna feel old? Farrah was 6 when this movie came out.)

Nonetheless, the former "Teen Mom OG" star said she grew up watching "All That" and couldn't wait to take her daughter down memory lane. But maybe Farrah was a little too excited? When we asked her what her favorite line of the movie was, she accidentally flubbed the classic opener.

It's all good, Farrah! And the burgers ain't so bad, either.

Good Burger is open from now until December. For reservations, click here.

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