Will Smith Tells Jaden How He and Jada Conceived Him -- In Front of All of Their Family and Friends
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"Everybody! This is a really important story!" Will announces during Jaden's 21st birthday bash.

Will Smith turned all the way up for Jaden's 21st birthday celebration.

It's unclear what the "Fresh Prince of Bel-Air" was sipping on during the family's rooftop cake-cutting soirée (captured in the 8-minute video below), but whatever it was inspired him to tell his son how he was conceived -- in front of all of their family and friends.

After Jaden blew out the candles on all three of his birthday cakes, someone in the group suggested Will, Jada and Jaden take a "family shot" to welcome the "ERYS" rapper to legal drinking.

"Tequila!" Jada shouted. "That's how you got here!"

"Jaden, that's how you got here, yeah," an exceptionally happy Will added as he turned to face the crowd. "Everybody!" he shouted. "This is a really important story! This is a really important story."

Giggles and groans echoed throughout, but that didn't stop Will from embarrassing his son, just like Jada did.

"Nah, it's like having Christmas and not telling the story of the nativity!" he justified. "That's what imma do next year. Imma make the little house with the scene about [how] Jaden was conceived. It'll be a little villa in Mexico. There's Jose Cuervo tequila all over the place."

Hysterically laughing and looking over at his daughter who had a cake server in her hand, Will shouted, "Willow! You can't cut Jaden's cake!"

If you needed any more reason to wish you were a member of this family, watch the video below.

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