Aubrey O'Day on Donald Trump Jr.: 'I Never Broke Up a Marriage and I Was Never In an Affair' (Exclusive)
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O'Day tells TooFab she thinks Trump Jr. is "secretly loving" all the stories out there about him now.

The floodgates are finally open when it comes to Aubrey O'Day's alleged relationship with Donald Trump Jr., as the singer is opening up about it in detail for the very first time. And she swears that, even though Trump was married at the time, it was not an affair.

The two reportedly hooked up in 2011, while he was married to his then-pregnant (and now-ex) wife Vanessa. They met while O'Day was a cast member on "Celebrity Apprentice."

After briefly referencing Trump Jr. on Tuesday night's "Ex on the Beach" premiere, O'Day expanded on their relationship in an exclusive interview with TooFab.

"I can only speak from my experience, I don't want to speak on Don's or anyone in his life, but marriage is not the same thing when you have billions of dollars and when you don't," she claimed. "On my end, I never broke up a marriage and I never was in an affair."

"I was in an open relationship where two people are soulmates and in love and everyone in both of our lives knew about it," she added.

When asked what "soulmate" means to her, O'Day clarified they were "each other's soulmates" and "said it to each other a lot." She added, "It means somebody that you share a time in your life with where you are one, to me."

"I think you can have many soulmates," the singer continued. "I don't think that it's just one. But he's definitely one of the most impactful soulmates that I've had."

As for why she decided to make her first public comments about him on "Ex on the Beach," it was simple: they asked.

"I just spoke about it because I was asked and I'm honest, so I told the truth," explained Aubrey. "That's basically it. Articles and speculation aren't asking me a direct question, so I've never had to address it. But I've never kept it from anyone, nothing's ever been a secret."

She also doesn't believe Trump Jr. would have any issue with her being so open about it now, even if he made his inner circle believe otherwise.

"I can't say if we've been in contact but Don and I were best friends and were both have a similar dark humor about us, so I think he's probably over there acting outraged in front of the new girl, but secretly loving all of it," she said. Trump Jr. is currently dating Kimberly Guilfoyle.

"He's never gonna stop watching me, those were his last words to me," she added.

On MTV's "Ex on the Beach," exes knowingly decide to live together and usually either hash out their issues or hook up all over again. While Trump Jr. won't be washing ashore during the new season, O'Day would have welcomed him with open arms if he had.

"If he would have shown up in the house, like sacrificed everything that he left me to go be, I'd probably jump on him and marry him," she told TooFab. "I thought he would be strong enough, he did too -- he thought he would be strong enough to stay with me and not go in the direction he did -- but at the end he wasn't."

See who does show up for Aubrey as "Ex on the Beach" airs Tuesdays on MTV.