'Bachelor' Creator Mike Fleiss Denies Attacking Pregnant Wife, Claims She Attacked Him
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Laura Fleiss says Mike attacked her, demanding she get an abortion. She has since left with their 4-year-old son Ben and Mike has no idea where they are.

"The Bachelor" is a reality show about finding that perfect fairy-tale romance, but even its creator knows the reality can be much more challenging to find and maintain. Now, Mike Fleiss finds himself denying allegations that he attacked his pregnant wife Laura in their Hawaii home over the July 4 holiday, instead claiming that it was she who attacked him.

Since the alleged incidents, detailed in disparate court filings from both parties, Mike has filed for divorce from Laura, who is purportedly ten weeks pregnant with a child he does not want and has fled with their 4-year-old son Ben.

Mike claimed in his filing he had not heard from Laura since July 7, three days before he filed for divorce. He is asking that the court deny her restraining order request and that she be ordered to return to L.A. immediately with their 4-year-old son Ben and that he be granted full custody.

In Laura's court filing, Variety details her claims that Mike pinned her against a wall, "enraged" that she had become pregnant again. Laura further says that Mike told her mother on July 5 that she would be getting an abortion and called her names like "low-rent gold digger" and "$50,000 whore."

Laura's temporary restraining order was granted on Tuesday, per TheWrap. In her filing, she detailed a pattern of verbal and emotional abuse and offered photos and images taken from their security cameras as evidence of physical violence, as well.

"Mike has made many emotionally derogatory and demeaning comments designed to demonstrate his financial coercive control over me, such as repeatedly insinuating that he would destroy me with his wealth and power," Laura wrote. “The continued verbal and emotional abuse have wreaked havoc on my self-esteem."

But according to Mike, in his own filing, it was Laura who attacked him over the holiday weekend. His allegations state that she became enraged when he took her phone during an argument -- because he thought she might be lying to him about other things -- responding by "pounding on [him] with her fists, jumping on [his back,] and attacking [him] trying to get the phone back."

He says she has since left with their 4-year-old son Ben and he doesn't know where they are, nor has he spoken to his son since July 7.

Mike asserts that he has security camera footage from their home to back up his claims that she chased and attacked him and included screenshots of phone conversations in his court filing which he alleges are from Laura. In one, she confesses her "judgment was seriously clouded and [she] was so desperate for a baby after having the miscarriage that [she] lost it and wasn’t thinking clearly."

He further claims that after they had agreed to not have another child, Laura lied to him about being on birth control in order to get pregnant. He cited various text messages purportedly from Laura as evidence backing this claim. It was his discovery of this deception that he claimed led to the holiday incidents.

Both couples detail an incident where Mike forcibly pinned her against a wall and had an altercation in their truck, but each story varies as to who is the perpetrator of the act and what the motivating factors are. With both parties citing security footage and other evidence to back their version of events, it's all down to the ongoing investigation in Kauai, Hawaii.

At this time, Kauai Police have made no arrests and have kept their case documents sealed as it is an active and ongoing investigation. "The Bachelor" producer Warner Horizon is also investigating "these serious allegations."

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