Hall H Votes for America's Ass During Russo Brother's Comic-Con Panel -- Evans, Hemsworth or Pratt?
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Find out who the jam-packed convention hall voted for: Pratt, Hemsworth or Evans.

The men behind the latest Avengers movies assembled in Hall H at Comic-Con on Friday morning to talk all things Marvel ... and, yes, whether Chris Evans really owns the title of America's ass.

Joe and Anthony Russo, aka The Russo Brothers, were the guests of honor at a panel hosted by Collider's Steven Weintraub. The Russos first came onboard with Marvel for "Captain America: Winter Soldier," before directing "Captain America: Civil War," "Avengers: Endgame" and "Avengers: Infinity War."

And while we all love those four movies, the first question for the two was what MCU project would they tackle next and if it could possibly be "Secret Wars." "Twist my arm," said Joe, who called the comic series one of his favorites as a kid. Anthony then called their Marvel years "among the best creative times we've ever had" and said he would love to work with them again. While they may be done for now, their next project does reunite them with one of Earth's Mightiest Heroes: Tom Holland, who will star in "Cherry."

During a speed round of questions, Joe revealed that when it came to which Avenger ruined the most takes on set, it was a "very close race" between Anthony Mackie and Mark Ruffalo. "Ruffalo does it because he gets lost in the performance," noted Anthony, "Mackie does it because he gets lost outside of the moment." Scarlett Johnansson, however, nails everything in one take.

The two said that creating the dusting in "Infinity War" was the hardest visual effect to complete in "Infinity War," while the major "Avengers, assemble" moment at the end of "Endgame" -- as pictured above -- was the most difficult in that one. They also said they'd love to relive Robert Downey Jr.'s last day on set, which was made all the more meaningful due to the fact it was filmed right next door to where RDJ filmed his screen test for the first "Iron Man" movie.

After that, a few familiar faces asked the directors questions via pre-recorded videos. The first was from Mark Ruffalo. His Q: "I wanna know, since Hulk and Banner have finally comes to terms with each other, does that make Hulk, the new Hulk, the smartest and the strongest?" Unfortunately for Mark, Joe noted that Tony was the one who solved time travel, while Anthony noted his daughter would disagree as well -- and name Shuri instead.

Chris Evans then asked what the two thought the first thing Steve Rogers would do after his dance with Peggy. "Perhaps he and Peggy tried to make a baby?" said Anthony. Joe, meanwhile, joked, "I think he went to the bathroom, it took him a long time to return all those stones. He was holding it for a while."

More seriously, Anthony added, "He could do a lot of things, he could go rescue Bucky from Hydra. He could route Hyrda out of S.H.I.E.L.D., he could find himself in the ice and figure out a rotation where the two Steves could take turns and he could spend more time with Peggy."

A "slimmer version" of Chris Hemsworth also sent in a message, which was more of a declaration that Thor would make a better leader of "Guardians of the Galaxy" going forward, before Paul Rudd asked the funniest question of them all involving the battle of the Chrises.

"Who is the sexiest Chris, who's the best Chris in the Marvel universe? I don’t care about the best Chris, I care a little bit about the best Paul. I’m guessing #2 is Bettany," he said. "If you had to rank Best America’s Ass, which Chris would it be? Or Paul. You choose."

The two refused to answer the question, instead posing it to all of Hall H. Naming all three Chrises and judging by the audience screams, it was VERY clear that Evans was the winner -- by far -- with Hemsworth coming in second and Pratt a distant third.

The final fan Q came from RDJ himself, who wanted to know what they saw as the "biggest single difference" between Tony's "I Am Iron Man" proclamation in the first movie and his goodbye in "Endgame."

"I think a really important point that arc is, at the end Tony had become a father," said Anthony. "Speaking as a father, there’s something that happens to you where you are suddenly aware your job in the universe is to truly serve others in a way that reaches to the core of your being. He was in a different place there."

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