'Teen Mom' Stars and Their Kids

The reality star admits she still feels "guilty" about considering abortion.

Catelynn Lowell got very candid on some of the thoughts that went through her mind while she and husband Tyler Baltierra began their trial separation while she was pregnant.

In Monday's "Teen Mom OG," the reality star opened up to a producer about how she was really feeling after they decided to live in different homes.

"There was points I was like, I'm going to f--king move everything and leave and he's going to come home to nothing," she said. "There's still sometimes where I'm like, man I feel really guilty," Lowell continued, before revealing she had second thoughts about going through with the pregnancy.

"I feel guilty for even contemplating aborting Vaeda, like is she going to remember that?" asked Catelynn. "They say when you're pregnant, things that you go through in life, things that you say and stuff, they feel and they hear."

"We were going through so much in our relationship and stuff, I was just like, is it smart to bring a child into this world if me and him aren't going to be together?" she then recalled thinking. "I remember talking to him about it, crying, like maybe I should just abort this baby and he was like, 'No.'"

Looking back, she told the producer she's "glad" she didn't, but said, "at the time, it was a thought in my mind."

Catelynn and Tyler then had a separate conversation about it during a "date night," as Baltierra said the pregnancy is what really pushed him to want to work on their relationship even more. "I knew I cannot bring another kid into the world together and not working on these things," he told her.

Regarding Catelynn considering abortion, Tyler admitted it "really freaked me out" and that he knew "in my heart, in my spirit" that they would be together and "parent this baby." When Catelynn expressed her fear that Vaeda would "feel" her thoughts about terminating the pregnancy, Tyler reassured her that "whatever happened in the womb, your love and life and giving it to her is going to outweigh anything that happened the nine months she was growing inside you."

"You're really strong," he added.

"Teen Mom OG" airs Mondays on MTV.