Ron Goldman's Sister Welcomes Kim Kardashian's Prison Reform Efforts -- Despite Family Connection to OJ Simpson (Exclusive)
The O.J. Simpson Trial -- Where Are the Key Players 25 Years Later?

"All power to them as long as they have their intentions in the right place," Kim Goldman says.

Robert Kardashian played a key role in getting Ron Goldman's accused murderer acquitted.

But Ron's sister Kim bears no ill will towards Robert's daughter Kim -- or her recent prison reform efforts.

"I support anyone's work that's trying to do better in our system and try to equal the playing field, level the playing field," Goldman said in Los Angeles last week. "I also think victims and survivors should be a part of those conversations as well."

After revealing her intentions to follow in her father's footsteps into law, Kardashian has been on a crusade to reform the criminal justice system, championing the causes of many inmates whom she believes were either wrongly convicted or unfairly sentenced.

To date, she has been involved in the release of at least 17 prisoners, many of whom were serving decades to life for drug possession charges.

Her late dad's most famous legal role was as one of O.J. Simpson's defense lawyers, a case they ultimately won. The actor and NFL star was charged with stabbing his ex-wife Nicole Brown to death, along with her friend Ron Goldman, who was slain alongside her aged just 25, as he attempted to return a pair of glasses she had left at the restaurant he worked at.

Simpson was cleared of the murders, but found legally responsible at a subsequent civil trial, and ordered to pay a $33.5million settlement to the Goldman family — most of which remains unpaid.

While Kim Goldman admitted she wasn't very familiar with Kim Kardashian's reform work so far, she insisted the family connection to OJ did not make her begrudge the "KUWTK" star's efforts.

"I don't know particularly what she's doing, but I think if anybody can draw attention to an issue that needs some serious reform, all power to them as long as they have their intentions in the right place, sure," she said.

Goldman is currently hosting a weekly podcast "Confronting O.J. Simpson With Kim Goldman", re-examining the infamous case 25 years on, which to this day remains officially unsolved.

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