Watch J.Lo Attempt to Drive for the First Time in Over 20 Years
Jennifer Lopez's 50th Birthday Party Lit Up the Sky in the 305

"Can I get a double seatbelt?" A-Rod jokes in the clip.

Alex Rodriguez gifted Jennifer Lopez a beautiful Porsche for her 50th birthday, the only problem was J.Lo hadn't driven a car in over 20 years.

In a video posted to the former MLB star's YouTube channel Monday, Rodriguez documented how he pulled off the exciting surprise for his fiancee.

After getting J.Lo's 11-year-old twins Max and Emme and his daughters Ella, 11, and Natasha, 14, involved in the plan, A-Rod blindfolded his bride-to-be and led her over to the driveway. Then, after getting the signal from Rodriguez, the kids rolled up in the bright red car as 50 Cent's "In Da Club" blasted through the speakers.

Rodriguez then instructed Lopez to turn around and she was absolutely shocked. "What the hell?!" she said in the video, as she walked over to the car, which was decked out with customized "J.Lo" designs. However, after she thanked A-Rod for the luxurious car, J.Lo realized she would actually have to drive the vehicle.

"Oh my god, I'mma have to drive?!" she said. "It's beautiful. I've never driven a car like that. I've never had a car like this."

The couple then hopped in the car with Lopez in the driver's seat. Rodriguez seemed a little nervous, but he had nothing to worry about for the "Medicine" singer flawlessly backed up the car and all of the kids cheered.

"Don't celebrate yet, we haven't landed!" he said to the camera and Lopez reassured him, "I got it, I got it. Baby, I know how to drive. I remember!"

"Can I get a double seatbelt?" A-Rod joked. And then they were off!

See how J.Lo's driving went down in the full clip, above.

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