All the 'Gossip Girl' Gossip Chace Crawford Revealed on 'Watch What Happens Live'
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He also says the upcoming reboot announcement "just made me feel old."

Spotted: Chace Crawford squirming in his seat on "Watch What Happens Live" on Thursday night, where he was grilled over his time on The CW's "Gossip Girl" by host Andy Cohen and the show's viewers.

Crawford, 34, played Nate Archibald throughout the series' six-season run from 2007 until 2012 -- and, seven years later, fans are still hunting for more intel from the set.

During a speed round of questions alongside fellow guest Angela Bassett, Crawford was first asked whether costars' Blake Lively and Penn Badgley's real-life relationship "caused drama" following their split.

"Not at all," he recalled, calling the two "the most mature people in the world."

He was also asked to reveal his least favorite cameo on the show, which saw stars like Lady Gaga and Jimmy Fallon drop by throughout its run. Sadly, Chace wouldn't go there, instead revealing that Elizabeth Hurley "was definitely one of my favorites."

"She's incredible," he added.

The actor, who currently stars on Amazon Prime's "The Boys," was also asked about HBO Max's upcoming "Gossip Girl" reboot.

"No one called me, I was really upset about it," joked Crawford. "I'm teasing. It's great, I could maybe come back and play a father, it'd be nice."

"When I heard about it, it just made me feel old," he added. "My birthday was last week, I heard it and went, 'Oh my god, they're already remaking our show.'"

At 34, Andy noted Chace is "almost DILF-y."

In totally unrelated news, Cohen also asked if Chace was "salty" he didn't land the role of Captain America, after seeing how successful the MCU movies with Chris Evans have been. He explained that he had a screen test for the role, but his commitment to GG at the time didn't make him a prime candidate.

"They actually didn't let me do it because they realized I was on a show in New York for nine months of the year," he said. "A buddy of mine told me he went in there and they had a suit with my name on it. The Whole thing, yeah, after nine films, you think, 'Oh man, would have loved a shot at that."

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