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Find out all the craziness that went down before last week's live eviction -- plus, a wild Head of Household could change the fates of everyone in the house!

Talk about a monumental hour of "Big Brother."Not only did we get to see the chaos that erupted moments before last Thursday's live eviction, the subsequent Head of Household competition completed the job of tearing the house completely apart.

At times entertaining, at times uncomfortable and at times impressive to watch, there was so much going on Sunday night on "Big Brother" an hour could barely contain it. The first half was spent rehashing what Julie Chen warned us was such isanity that the vote flipped twice before Sam was ultimately evicted from the game.

And it apparently precipitated on an assumption that got turned into reality (when it wasn't ... well not completely) and then was used like a hand grenade to blow up the Six Shooters.

The Theory of Everything

In a confessional, Tommy took one truth and crated another. "Not only did Kat and Holly know each other, but Holly and Michie are dating," he said. "It's very possible that the three of them could have known each other from before this house. What this means is they are not only a duo, but they are a trio."

In two sentences, he went from theorizing that Michie knew Kat and Holly outside of the house to knowing it with absolute conviction. An that's how Christie and Jack and Analyse took it. It was particularly heartbreaking for Michie, because he'd put all of his trust in Jack. The bros had a Final 2, and yet Jack chose Christie over him.

It's the same way Isabella chose Christie's lies over Nicole's truths early on. In fact, it's been a pattern throughout this game as Christie talked about breaking up the couples to the outsiders and then denied it to the Six and they but everything she says hook, line and sinker. And yet, there does seem to be a difference between her and Tommy.

Both seem to have a "mean girl" side to them, slamming other HouseGuests for no real reason, but Tommy seems to get himself excited and worked up to the point he believes whatever he's saying. Christie is lying and absolutely knows she's lying. She's playing a calculated game with information, backpedaling as necessary and targeting anyone who can expose her duplicity.

It's a very bold game that's working for her so far, but how long can she keep it up? Right now, she's got Jack under her finger actually believing Michie went after her during their big fight when the opposite was true.

We're certainly not going to be apologists for Michie's behavior and his apparent misogyny and possible racism, but in that one instance she pulled the gender card after attacking him personally with the lie that he knew Holly and Kathryn outside the game. She was raising her voice, so he raised his and got a little defensive/offensive and she lashed out with, "If you want to yell at a girl, that's fine."

Not even a woman, she strategically chose the world "girl" to make him look like even more of a monstrous ass. And of note, she was the one who started yelling and accusing him of something that wasn't true. We generally wouldn't defend him, but in this specific instance, she had his back to the wall and still he didn't make it about gender or disparagement in any way. But she did.

That doesn't even go into the hypocrisy of going after the supposed trio for knowing each other outside the game when Christie and Tommy do have substantial history outside of the game. As we said, it's a dangerous game they're playing because if that got out, she might well be done and everything she said tonight would be thrown into question. It's called misdirection.

Moving On Up

A memory-based Head of Household led to a shocking result. The final three standing were Kathryn, Jessica and Nicole after Jack got eliminated. At that moment, things were going to get very interesting indeed. A fractured Six Shooters and finally a chance for the underdogs in the house to step up and play their own game rather than do the bidding of the majority (like they somehow managed to do each time).

The only potential wrinkle in their plans is the fact that Christie still has her Panic power, which means she can disrupt the Power of Veto ceremony and force the POV winner to choose the replacement nominee. But if one of her side fails to win that, then her power won't help her much. As an example, if Cliff were to win POV and she used it, Cliff would choose the replacement nominee, and probably not do her bidding.

It was actually pretty exciting and refreshing to see the excitement in the outliers as they came together and tried to strategize. And it's hard not to feel particularly excited for Jessica, who has been more on the outside than anyone other than David throughout this season, who finally gets to play the game of "Big Brother" and demand some respect.

""They're acting like we hand chose each other," Jessica told Cliff, Nicole and Kathryn. "We literally have all tried to be a part of whatever that is and they have legit like just pushed us out."

She's not wrong. The Gr8ful alliance from Day 1 ostracized the rest of the house and proceeded to call them "floaters," as if they weren't still playing the game to the best of their ability. And in many ways, they ostracized them socially as well as strategically, creating a deep divide in the house. And so long as Gr8ful maintained control and/or influence, the outliers got picked off one by one.

Cliff foolishly gave up his own HOH two weeks ago to buy himself some time rather than make a big move and stick to his guns to try and get Jack or Jackson out. This week, it's incredibly gratifying that Jessica seems to have the cajones he lacked to make a second run at it. Only POV stands in the way of one of teh alphas going

And with them at each other's throats now, it should get downright ugly this week as they scramble to try and save themselves. Plus, if she can keep them both on the block, we'll finally see someone from the Six Shooters go home and that will go a long way toward keeping this game from getting really, really boring.

HouseGuest Report Cards

Kathryn has shocked all those conspiring bitches with brilliant gameplay on both sides of the house. She says she's chosen her alliance now (the underdogs on top), but that could still change. Plus, she and Holly are maintaining an impressive loyalty to one another while desperately trying to keep it secret that they vaguely know each other from the pageant world. Eve better, she came up with the blindside idea of convincing the Six Michie was their target and then sending Jack out the door. Grade: A

Holly comes off of a successful HOH with her eyes opened wider to the larger game and has fully stepped out of the shadows of both Michie and the Six Shooters. She is playing her own game and one that is sneakier and more savvy than anyone (except Kat) realizes. She is currently in a position of seeming loyalty to everyone, which positions her incredibly well and gives her the flexibility to shift as power does. Grade: A

Cliff has been waiting for this moment a long time, and he finally found his opportunity. He has brilliantly aligned himself with the underdog women of the house and while the remnants of the Six see him as a threat, he's done a great job of redirecting their youthful vitriol on one another. All he needs to do is keep his cool and ride this out -- though a few HOH and POV wins on his side wouldn't hurt -- and he's good for awhile. Grade: B+

Nicole has made friends with everyone in the down side of the house and inroads with the upside. They feel bad how Michie's stray vote was pinned on her, which she can use to her advantage. She doesn't talk game with them, but she's started doing moreso within her own alliance, which is about the same as the Six have done. Plus, she found out she's probably the smallest target on the other side, so even if the Six regain power, she's good for awhile ... especially after Jessica's win here. Grade: B

Jessica is in a baller position right now and she made an incredibly big move putting the Jacks on the block. Even better, Kat's brilliant plan to blindside the Six with their true intentions and get Jack out. Either way, Jessica is playing and she's doing so with all the righteousness 40+ days of being ignored gets you. It just remains to be seen what kind of a gamer she is beyond this as she's done so little to this point. Grade: B-

Tommy is running his mouth and getting carried away with crazy conspiracy theories that could get him into trouble. Still, though, of that entire side of the house, he is the most like and everyone seems to understand that he's just excitable, so he can get away with a lot more for some reason. Grade: B-

Nick is right in the middle of the house, so what he does this week will decide everything. At this point, with a house divided, he seems to be afraid to pick a side (even though one side tried to get him out). That decision will likely shape the rest of his game. Grade: C

Michie is making inroads towards a redemption arc on the show, but it's a slow process. He was actually the victim of Christie's harassment and Jack's betrayal this week, so it's been a rough one for him. Holly still seems to have his back, though Kat does not, but he's still one of the biggest alpha males in the house. If Jack does go home, Michie's next move will determine his future, too. Or Michie might go home, which would serve Jessica almost as well. Grade: C

Analyse is showing zero flexibility in ingratiating herself with anyone in the house outside of the Six. Does she even talk to any of them? Not that we've seen really. What that means is if the Six are not in power, she's made no connections with he underdogs, so they've no reason to keep her. She's missing the social aspect of the game entirely because with them in control so long. she felt she didn't need to bother. Grade: C-

Christie is really going off the rails with her paranoia and her lying and manipulation. It's either the most recklessly brilliant game of "Big Brother" we've seen in years, or it's an absolute trainwreck so close to derailing and when it finally does, it's going to be epic. She has spread so many different stories throughout the house, and yet the Six continue to believe her over everyone else. That Jack believed her over Michie (his boy) is a huge statement to how convincing she is. But it's also making everyone question her on a daily basis, and that's not a good place to be in. Grade: D

Jack is in the worst position this week. He'd been coasting through this game on charisma and charm, but he was also the clear favorite. As soon as an opportunity came to take him out, the outliers took it. Cliff might have done it had Christie not threatened him with her power into doing her dirty work for her. Now, Christie's power is still in play, but so long as she doesn't think Jack is the target, she probably won't use it. Grade: D-

House Chatter

  • "I can't believe I'm still in this house. I'm super grateful but at the same time, I'm super paranoid because all those conspiring bitches almost voted me out." --Kat (after eviction chaos)

  • "Michie is telling me I can't trust Tommy or Christie, but really at this point I trust Tommy and Christie more in this game than I do Michie." --Jack

  • "You're not getting the six back together." --Jack

  • "What happened?" --Tommy

  • "So at this point Jackson is trying to come up with s--t that's pulling me away from you guys. It's all Christie-based and I can't buy it." --Jack

  • "We have the numbers to flip it. By kitty-cat. You messed in the wrong litter box." --Jack

  • "How you doing?" --Tommy

  • "Hanging in there." --Michie

  • "What do you mean, 'hanging in there?'" --Analyse

  • "Nothing, it's a figure of speech." --Michie

  • "Oh." --Analyse

  • "Should I be meaning something?" --Michie

  • "Tommy and Sis aren't flipping it?" --Michie

  • "No." --Jack (but they are)

  • "Come on, man. Don't." (know he's lying)

  • "Full transparency, I heard you and Sis talking. So what the f--k." --Holly

  • "I don't feel safe with the Six anymore because of the way Jackson is acting." --Tommy (lying)

  • "We're not a trio. Have the time I can't even f--king stand her!" --Holly (damage control to Tommy about knowing Kat outside of the house)

  • "Hearing them argue in the other room is like Heavenly music." --Cliff (hearing Six argue)

  • "Do you want to have a conversation or do you just want to go back and forth and get louder, 'cause I'll f--king get louder if you want to get louder." --Michie

  • "If you want to yell at a girl, that's fine." --Christie (wait, what?)

  • "Yell at a girl? Right, because I'm so disrespectful to women." --Michie

  • "This has nothing to do with gender or anything." --Holly

  • "No, he just said if you want to get louder, I'll get louder. I'm not loud." --Christie (except she was loud and she is the one who brought up gender)

  • "You clearly all know each other." --Christie (about Holly, Michie and Kathryn)

  • "Oh my god, are you joking?" --Holly

  • "So you think me, Kat and Holly know each other?" --Michie (to Jack)

  • "Yup." --Jack

  • "What a shame." --Michie (not true)

  • "Jackson is threatened by me. He's threatened by us. And he definitely should be." --Christie (to Jack, manipulating him hard)

  • "[Michie] tried to bury me today." --Christie (way to flip the script there)

  • "The thing about Holly is she's absolutely my ride or die. However, working with Holly also brings in Michie. I still don't like Michie and I definitely don't trust Michie, however he's honestly the dumbest person in this house and right now he's on everyone's list of who they want out. So, he's not a threat to me at all." --Christie

  • "We need to rock this house. We're certainly not going to let a guy come between us." --Holly (to Christie)

  • "What if they're all blindsided because they think we're all going to get rid of Jackson and really it's to get rid of Jack." --Christie (strategy)

  • "They're acting like we hand chose each other. We literally have all tried to be a part of whatever that is and they have legit like just pushed us out." --Jessica

  • "Over and over again." --Cliff

  • "For some reason, they didn't think we were good enough." --Kathryn

  • "I want them to scatter like cockroaches, I want them to be able to throw each other under the bus and I want to see everybody's colors so it makes it that much easier for me to not feel bad." --Jessica

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