'RHOC' Recap: Gina Deals with DUI Arrest, Tamra Faces 'Fanatic Trump Supporter' Son on Season 14 Premiere
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"My brother got offended because I was for building the wall," says Judge's oldest son.

What the "Real Housewives of Orange County" Season 14 premiere lacked in Vicki Gunvalson appearances, it made up for in jaw-dropping drama involving her once-costars.

During Tuesday's new hour, viewers witnessed Gina Kirschenheiter dealing with the aftermath of her January 31 arrest for driving under the influence.

"The night of the DUI, I went to a local mom event. I was there shopping for leggings and drinking wine, and I wanted to go home," she explained during a confessional. "I got in the car -- I should never have driven -- I got pulled over. And it's my worst defining moment. Ever."

During an emotional FaceTime call to her dad, Gina couldn't help but feel conflicted. On the one hand, she was super happy to be settled in a new home with her three kids, knowing they all knew about her impending divorce. On the other, she was "so bummed that I made such a stupid fricken decision to like get in the damn car and drive that night."

"I know I disappointed you," she tearfully said to her dad, who assured her she could never disappoint him. "I just hope that the kids don't think bad of me, too," she blubbered. Again, Dad reassured her she's "the best mom" he knows and that her kids love her "to death."

"I want my kids to not remember what I did wrong, but what I did about it after I did that thing wrong," Gina explained, later meeting up with Emily Simpson to vent about the situation.

Gina told Emily she thought she was fine to drive and that when she first got pulled over, she didn't think it had anything to do with driving under the influence.

"I thought I was just gonna get a ticket," she explained. "But my friend in the passenger seat had a roadie. That's what it was. I wasn't drinking it!"

"So he saw that?" Emily asked, to which Gina replied, "Yeah, and then he just asked me to get out of the car. I did all the tests, and then he gave me the breathalyzer and it wasn't registering, and he arrested me."

To the camera, Gina described the experience as traumatizing. "The cells are clear walls, and the first thing that I see when I walk in is this man with his hands cuffed behind his back, smashing his face against the clear glass. Like, over and over and over again. There's like blood," she said. "I don't know if I'm gonna be in a cell with like other crazy men like that. Like, you just don't know!"

Gina started to cry when Emily asked her how her parents took the news. She said it was "the worst part" of the whole ordeal, but that her estranged husband, Matt, was the first person she told. "He has been really supportive," she explained, before asking Emily if she had disappointed her. Being that she's her best friend and an attorney, Emily gave Gina the tough love she needed. In the comfort of her confessional, however, Emily said she felt Gina had been drinking more than usual as a result of her divorce.

Elsewhere, Kelly Dodd opened up about her boyfriend of three months, Dr. Brian Reagan, who "works at the place where I got my boobies done." She even said they were "in love." This is huge!

However, Kelly had no problem meeting up with Shannon Beador to drink and be her wing-woman. "Fun Shannon" was back in full force and ready to get back out there. As TooFab confirmed last week, Shannon is currently dating John Janssen, but when the premiere was filmed, she was happy to be playing the field -- and kissing all the players.

Over drinks, at Shannon's mere mention of Gina, Kelly blurted out, "Wait, wait, wait, wait. What about Gina and the DUI?"

"The stupidest thing that could happen to anyone is getting a DUI. In today's world," Shannon said. "Are you kidding me?!" Kelly agreed, adding that there was "no reason for it."

"I'm not perfect -- I've made plenty of mistakes -- but DUIs are very serious," Kelly later told the camera. "She's a hot mess right now."

Shannon, who had a terrible time with Gina last season, was revved up. "This is the girl who had the audacity to use the word 'self-medicate,' which has cost me tens of thousands of dollars to defend myself in the court system. Really, Gina?" she fired at Kelly. Shannon explained that her ex-husband, David Beador, went to court and said Shannon should have "certain limitations" put on her custody rights because she had "admitted to self-medicating." She felt he was directly referencing Gina's claim.

We also caught up with Tamra Judge. She and Eddie Judge moved. Again. They're now living in the prestigious gated community known as "Coto" in a gorgeous $2 million mansion.

During a family get-together at their home, Tamra asked her oldest son, Ryan Vieth, how he felt about sitting down with his brother, Spencer Barney, and "trying to resolve your political differences."

When a family member pointed out that they had "no idea" what Tamra was talking about, she explained, "Ryan's a fanatic Trump supporter, and Spencer's the total opposite."

"I don't care," Ryan mumbled. "There's nothing wrong with loving America."

"I don't mind loving America, but you said you were gonna punch him in the face," Tamra said sternly.

"He's been talking to me the way he talks to me," Ryan replied, noting Spencer had called him "a racist."

"Are you?" Tamra asked, to which Ryan replied, "No."

"Listen, I'm not into politics..." Tamra started to say, before Ryan cut her off. "You should be!" he fired back. "You wanna watch some Fox News with me? We can watch some Fox News."

"What about CNN?" Tamra asked. Ryan nearly choked on his drink. "Do not say those words to me."

On his way out, Tamra stopped Ryan to ask him once again if he could "bury the hatchet" with his brother, but Ryan said he felt Spencer had gone too far.

"I don't hate the kid, he just crossed the line. He wasn't ready for the repercussion," Ryan said. "Am I gonna go kick his ass? No. I'm not stressed about it, but you can talk to him about that."

During a confessional, Ryan elaborated on the situation, saying his brother "got offended because I was for building the wall, and just because I said that, he thought that I was racist. Half my family's Mexican! I have other family that's Black. Like, it just doesn't make sense."

During her confessional, Tamra explained that "Spencer and Ryan were raised differently. Ryan was in daycare half the time while I was working two jobs. The lights were turned off most of the time. Birthday parties were, 'Let's go to Chuck E. Cheese!' But now, Ryan sees all the fancy things in life that Spencer has, and I think there might be a little bit of jealousy between the two of them. And I think Ryan's the one that's gotta maybe come around."

We also met this season's newcomer, Braunwyn Windham-Burke. She's got seven children that range from age 18 to 9 months. No, she's not Mormon. No, she's not Catholic. She and her husband "just like to drink vodka too much."

Braunwyn's husband, Sean, "has owned different technology companies over the years that he's bought and sold. He has this very innovative group of people, and they do stuff I don't understand."

"The Real Housewives of Orange County" airs Tuesdays at 9 p.m. on Bravo.

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