More of the Worst Celebrity Feuds

"I was scared to f--king death," says Pratt after the incredibly nasty fight.

Stephanie Pratt faced the wrath of Brody Jenner on Monday's new episode of "The Hills: New Beginning," after he unloaded on her at a party in a blowup even he admitted went a little too far.

Unfortunately, cameras weren't there to capture what went down -- but everyone who was part of the fight or witnessed it happen thankfully all went into detail on what they saw transpire.

Jenner himself was the first one to bring it up during the episode, saying the confrontation was sparked by comments Pratt made about the Malibu fires during a cast trip to Las Vegas. Brody ended up skipping the getaway so he could protect his home from the blaze -- and when the subject was brought up in Sin City, Pratt kept wanting to change the topic of conversation to something more upbeat.

Speaking with Brandon Thomas Lee, Jenner said Audrina Patridge filled him on on Pratt's comments. "Stephanie was like, 'Can we stop talking about the fires, can we party in Vegas and have fun, not worry about it?" he said, summing up what she said.

"I was in Malibu for the past week, doing the fire shit," he continued. "It was a lot to take in, I was decompressing and we went to one of my good friend's houses, we were having fun and Stephanie just showed up. Stephanie's probably the last person I wanted to see."

"Stephanie's in Las Vegas talking shit and here I am fighting for my house, fighting for my friends' houses and I hear that Stephanie's off in Las Vegas just caring about partying and drinking and hanging out, just being very rude and disrespectful, so when I saw Stephanie I just completely snapped," he said.

Admitting he had "a few drinks" in him when he confronted her, Jenner said he went into a "blind f--king rage" and was "super pissed" when he saw Pratt at the party.

"I don't even remember what I said, to be honest, I was so pissed off at her," he continued. "I definitely overreacted for sure, I just had post traumatic stress after what I had just gone through, and then to see Stephanie, I just snapped."

While he didn't remember what he said, Stephanie sure did. She was later seen talking to Justin Bobby Brescia about the incident, which he also witnessed.

"That was the craziest experience I've ever been in," said Pratt. "I've seen Brody mad before but I've never seen him like that."

She claimed all she said to Brody at the party was, "It's so good to see you, you've been living in the real world with the fires, putting them out, how are you?" After that, "he went absolutely ballistic," she claimed.

In a confessional, Justin said Brody "went nuts" on Stephanie, but didn't physically touch her in any way. "They were in each other's face, it was heavy."

When Pratt asked Brescia what Brody's "deal" was, he said, "He think you just didn't give a shit about what happened in the Malibu fires." Pratt said she of course cared, having grown up in Malibu herself.

"I was completely blindsided," she added. "I was scared to f--king death. There's just no excuse."

Relaying the story to brother Spencer Pratt later, Stephanie also said Brody called her a "dumb bitch," before Frankie Delgado had to "put him in a car and take him home." She added that she never wanted to be around Brody "ever again."

The fight came up one final time as the cast -- minus Brody and Brandon -- met up at Frankie's house for Friendsgiving. This time, Spencer was the one who brought it up, hoping to get more details out of the other witnesses.

"We were at this party ... we start hearing some yelling, some argument like, 'You're the one that starts everything,'" recalled Frankie. "It came to a point where the yelling was really loud and Nick says, 'Yo, bro, help me out, let's separate them.'"

"He's yelling that he wanted to kill me," claimed Stephanie, before Frankie said he didn't remember Brody's exact words.

"It wasn't good, he started beefing up, he started jumping over furniture trying to get to her to yell at her or whatever," said Justin. "I've known Brody to be like this sometimes."

He added it took three of them to calm him down.

The conversation came to an end with Spencer -- who has already had drama with Brody this season -- saying Jenner went from someone who simply didn't return his phone calls to "enemy number one, in real life."

"The Hills: New Beginnings" airs Mondays on MTV.