'90210' Cast: Where Are They Now?

See who already hooked up, who's being cheated on and who's in the poor house.

The cast of "BH90210" clearly had no problem poking fun at themselves in the show's big premiere, which debuted Wednesday night on Fox.

The show reunites the West Beverly High gang, as Jason Priestley, Jennie Garth, Ian Ziering, Gabrielle Carteris, Brian Austin Green, Tori Spelling and Shannen Doherty play exaggerated caricatures of themselves planning their own TV reboot. Yes, it's all very meta.

Taking inspiration from some of the headlines the cast has made in the 19 years since the original series ended, the premiere saw the stars struggling with some of the money, fame and relationship issues that have plagued them in real life.

Click the link below to see how the show honored the late Luke Perry:

In the first episode, the cast -- minus Doherty, who spent most of the premiere in India -- met up in Las Vegas for a fan convention, where they reflected on their past, opened up about their less-than-optimal presents and made major moves toward altering their futures.

Some of these may overlap a little -- yes, there was already a hookup -- but here's where we found everyone in their first episode back.

Tori Spelling

As noted in that extremely awkward interview with Fox 5 this week, Spelling's storyline hits a little close to home -- as the actress is seen struggling to pay her bills and provide for her ginormous family in the revival.

Here, she's married to a TV host named Nate (played by Ivan Sergei) and the two share six kids together. Her reality show, "Tori & Nate," has just canceled, after being told she's already "milked [her] brand from every angle." In reality, Spelling and her husband Dean McDermott have had no shortage of reality shows either -- and her money issues continue to make headlines.

"Just when I think things are slowing down, boom, I fall on a hibachi," she also deadpans at one point, referencing her real life accident at Benihana which left her with second and third-degree burns.

Though things seem okay with her husband on the series, this version of Spelling clearly still holds a flame for Green, to whom she lost her virginity. "We still have a history ... life imitates art," she says to Garth. After her initial nerves and awkward fumbling around him, the two settle back into their old groove -- signaling that those Donna and David sparks could return.

Much like the revival we watched, it's Spelling's idea on the show to spearhead a reboot with the rest of the gang. That's where the premiere ends.

Brian Austin Green

Since their storylines are linked, we'll go to Brian Austin Green next. As the episode begins, he's seen flying on a private jet to Vegas, but viewers quickly learn his wife is the real star of the marriage. Green, who is married to very famous actress Megan Fox IRL, is eclipsed in popularity on the show by his very famous singer wife Shay (played by La La Anthony). Like he and Fox, BAG and Shay share three children together.

As the group attends a big Q&A at the fan convention, the first question for him is all about his other half. We're sure Green can relate.

When BAG, who's a stay at home dad here, is asked by Tori if he misses the spotlight, he tells her, "Even if I did, nobody misses me." It's her pep talk to him after really makes us think something will likely develop between these two going forward, as they all inch closer to their on-screen personas.

After Tori steals one of her old costumes at the convention and they all get arrested, Shay isn't the only one who's hot for him after seeing his sexy mugshot. "90210h Daddy" reads a headline that goes viral, before Green gets the actor bug again and calls his agent.

He may also have a stalker ... or an older son he doesn't know about.

Jennie Garth

It's been a rough road for Jennie Garth, who is about to go through her third, very public divorce on the show. IRL, Garth has been married to and divorced from Daniel B. Clark and Peter Facinelli. In 2015, she married restauranteur Dave Abrams, who filed for divorce in 2018, only to withdraw the petition in February 2019.

She also has a bit of a temper and is over people thinking she's just like Kelly Taylor, a mistake a young man who she flirts with in Vegas makes before they have a chance to seal the deal.

This version of Garth really is not a fan of Jason Priestley either, scoffing at the idea that he's "America's Golden Boy." When asked at the fan Q&A who was the least like your character, she names Jason, saying "Brandon Walsh was squeaky clean, but this guy was a little hot headed."

They spar, then meet over drinks -- where he calls her a "smart, fierce woman" -- and end up in bed together. It's something she immediately regrets.

Jason Priestley

With Priestley, the similarities between his TV persona and real life aren't as strong.

On the show, he's married to his publicist, Camille (played by Vanessa Lachey). Her biggest priority is good publicity when it comes to her husband, not necessarily his best interests or actual feelings.

He's a director now, but one with a short fuse and who punches an actor who tells him "all you'll ever be is Brandon Walsh."

Though it seems like he's ready to break things off with his wife, she drops a bombshell: she's pregnant.

We'll see how he and Garth deal with that in the weeks to come.

Gabrielle Carteris

Real life SAG-AFTRA president Gabrielle Carteris plays the president of the fictional Actors Guild of America on the series. As part of her job, she's very in the loop on Priestley's on-set confrontation.

The TV version is married to a man, just had a grandson and is not thrilled to be called "Grandma."

Leaning into fan service and those who believed Andrea Zuckerman was a lesbian, it becomes clear that this Carteris is questioning her sexuality.

She's seen flirting with a female bartender who says Andrea was also her first crush ... and fulfills the woman's "teenage fantasy" by kissing her in a Vegas bar.

All this will be news to her husband, who is still in the dark at the episode's end.

Ian Ziering

Instead of leaning into Ian Ziering's real life mission to make SyFy shark movies for the rest of his life, the iteration of him seen on "BH90210" has a health and fitness empire with his much younger wife. She's auditioning to be on "Real Housewives of Beverly Hills," he spends the reunion hocking their latest book.

Though Ian's actual wife is a model who's seven years his junior, that's hopefully where any semi-similarities cease to exist. Near the end of the episode, he and the rest of the cast find out she's cheating on him -- after she accidentally FaceTimes him during a romp with another man.

While she doesn't know he knows, he's seen looking over his prenup.

Shannen Doherty

Last, but not least, is Shannen Doherty, who only appeared briefly in the season premiere.

Alluding the rumors of a real life feud between the women in the cast, both Jennie and Tori express relief that Doherty won't be joining them at the reunion.

She does, however, Skype in -- letting everyone know she's an animal rights activist now, saving tigers in India. The episode ends with her picking up a plane ticket to return to Los Angeles. To be continued ...

"BH90210" airs Wednesdays on Fox.

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