Spencer Pratt Would Join Taylor Swift's Cult Over Kanye West's (Exclusive)
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"I'm a T. Swift gang member."

Their feud is one that's as old as the hills -- and it's one Spencer Pratt knows which side he's on.

The reality star has pledged his allegiance to Taylor Swift over Kanye West... should the two of them ever become cult leaders, that is.

When asked if he thought Kanye's Star Wars-esque low income housing project was actually the foundations of a cult -- as was rumored on the internet -- Spencer was not convinced.

"I don't think he has time for that," he mused, while on a date with wife Heidi Montag. "There's not enough money in cults, is there?"

But when asked if he would join, there was no mistaking where "The Hills" star's allegiances lay.

"I'm a T. Swift gang member, so if Taylor starts a cult..." he said, before adding: "You know, I think I'm already in it!"

However Spencer did insist he was "just so thankful for [Kanye] and Kim and everything that they do."

Pratt's most obvious connection to the couple, of course, is through his Hills rival Brody Jenner, older stepbrother to Kim and co.

In a June episode of "The Hills: New Beginnings" Spencer claimed Brody's now-ex Kaitlynn Carter was to blame for Brody's crumbling relationship with Kim because Kaitlynn kicked up such a stink over not being invited to her wedding.

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