Jameela Jamil Celebrates Not Being Airbrushed In New 'Good Place' Billboards
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"I get backfat in Every. Single. Bra," says the actress.

Jameela Jamil is feeling confident in her own skin.

On Friday, "The Good Place" star revealed she now insists all photos of her, including billboards, aren't airbrushed. Jamil also shared a poster from the final season of the NBC comedy, and included a zoomed-in second photo, highlighting the non-edited version of her arm in the shot.

"Finally able to INSIST my image, even on billboards isn't ever airbrushed," she tweeted. "I get backfat in Every. Single. Bra. And I used to hide/bin so many photos because of 'muffin tops.' Double chins/ 'imperfections' because I never saw them on people on TV. #freethebackfat #letabitchlive."

The actress also posted a screenshot of her tweet on Instagram and explained the reasons behind her vulnerable message.

"I'm aware this may not seem that deep, or 'brave' but it's a win for teenage and twenty something me who suffered with such obsessive body dysmorphia and fixation on anything society deemed a flaw," she began in the caption. "So it's a little win for teenage anorexic me."

Jamil then suggested her followers "tag someone" who might need to see the message. "We can break out of this prison of self hate together," she continued. "I love to expose all the shit that happens in this industry, to make us all feel sad, so you can see that it’s not you who is the problem, it's THEM."

Jamil concluded, "To any other actors, influencers or models that follow me, please join me in this and fight back against the use of airbrushing that makes others try to reach standards that we ourselves can't meet... ❤️ #freethebackfat."

On Saturday, the native Brit added another tweet, where she again relayed her message to other stars in Hollywood.

"I know it's hard because we are perpetually scrutinized and criticized in this industry, but I'm begging other influencers, actors, and models to join me in not allowing airbrushing," Jamil tweeted. "We have to stop setting standards for others that we ourselves don't even meet. #letabitchlive"

Jamil has been very open about her past struggles with eating disorders and body image. She also has been an vocal critic against celebrities including Kim and Khloe Kardashian supporting and advertising detox teas.

Earlier this month, Jamil opened up to People about the "radical inclusivity" platform she created called I Weigh, which has caught the eyes of many celebrities, including Sam Smith. Jamil said she uses some of the program's techniques for building confidence -- like making lists of her accomplishments and personality traits. She also doesn't look in the mirror.

"The only time I look in the mirror is when I put on my eyeliner in the morning and when I take it off at night," Jamil said. "I'm not interested in my appearance. I still suffer from body dysmorphia so it can be very distracting for me. Doing that has helped me concentrate on progressing and doing things that enrich my life, like watching my career grow and my relationships grow. That's what gives me a wonderful sense of self."

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