Vicki Gunvalson Eviscerates 'RHOC' Co-Star Kelly Dodd for Calling Her 'Stale'
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"Your only job is to find older rich men who want an arm ornament," Vicki says to Kelly in a scathing Instagram post.

"RHOC" star Vicki Gunvalson isn't here for anyone criticizing her and Tamra Judge's status on the Bravo series.

In a lengthy rant captured by the Instagram account @realhousewivesfranchise, the "Real Housewives of Orange County" OG clapped back at her co-star Kelly Dodd Friday after she called Vicki and fellow housewife Tamra "stale" in a recent interview with People. Dodd also specficially claimed Tamra "uses everyone else for her storylines" when speaking with HollywoodLife last week.

And Vicki, for one, fought back.

"I used to feel sorry for her, now I don't," she said of Dodd, in a reply to Reality Blurb's Instagram post about the previously mentioned interviews. "She is an angry, volatile person. Regarding her stating we are stale and don't have storylines.... Listen up girl! Our lives are always evolving and changing. We don't have 'storylines.'"

"It's a 'reality show'...our reality!! Not fake stories like you," she continued. "I am a successful business owner, employ and inspire people all over the world to be financially independent of a man."

Vicki then said Kelly's "only job" is to "find older rich men who want an arm ornament."

"You rent a 900 sq. ft apartment and pretend to be all smart!" she continued. "You mentioned you got a 'windfall' from Michael and can pay cash for a home like Tamras. Then why don't you do it??"

Vicki's rant comes just a few days after Tamra and Kelly went at it on Twitter following the explosive Season 14 premiere on Tuesday.

Following the episode, Kelly seemed to have an issue with the way Tamra boasted about her new $2 million home in what she described in a confessional as one of Orange County's most prestigious gated communities, Coto de Caza.

When a fan pointed out to Tamra that "2,000,000 is not 'rich' for that area," Kelly replied, "You can't buy a tear down in Newport Beach for $2m. Coto is a nicer Temecula." (Temecula is a city in Southern California, surrounded by hillside vineyards and several golf courses.)

The comment did not sit well with Tamra, who fired back, "Do you own a house? I own 2."

A Kelly fan replied to Tamra by taking a shot at her parenting: "You own 2 homes...but at what cost? Not having contact with your daughter? Kelly would never choose #RHOC over Jolie."

"I would never!!!" Kelly maintained.

The ladies home-owning talk spiraled into a discussion about income, and it got very nasty very quickly. And not unlike Vicki's clap back on Friday, Tamra pointed out Kelly's relationship with older men.

Replying to a since-deleted tweet from a critic, Tamra said, "I pay for my houses. I don't date old men for money."

Kelly fired back, "I sold my house for $5m dollars!! Lmfao!! I could pay for your house with cash!! Lmfao."

"You're so blessed," Tamra replied. "I hope you buy you 5 million dollar home soon."

To see more of what went down, click here.

Due to the fact there was this much fallout after only one episode of Season 14 of the Bravo series, we have a feeling there is much more drama to come.

"The Real Housewives of Orange County" airs Tuesdays at 9 p.m. on Bravo.

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