The Worst Celebrity Feuds

"I thought my dad was gonna never have anything to do with me again," says Brandon.

Pamela Anderson made a very special appearance on "The Hills: New Beginnings" on Monday night, for a motherly chat about love, relationships and her ex, Tommy Lee, with son Brandon Thomas Lee. During the chat, Brandon addressed his physical confrontation with his dad and teased that reconciliation could be on the horizon.

The "Baywatch" alum and her 23-year-old son met up for lunch in the new episode, during one of her visits to Los Angeles from France, where she lives full time. As he spoke to her about his new relationship, she started putting on the pressure for him to walk down the aisle.

"Well, you're 22, you should be thinking about marriage," she told him -- a remark which wasn't exactly met with a warm welcome. "You can fall in somebody and not get married, that can happen," he told her, mocking her own past. Anderson, of course, has been married four times -- once to Rick Salomon, once to Kid Rock and twice to Tommy.

"I've not gotten married a lot of times," claimed Pam, but Brandon wasn't having it. "You and dad literally got married after four days," he told her. "I knew him four days. He proposed to me on the first day. I played hard to get," clarified Pam, with a smile.

With Tommy Lee on the table now, Brandon told his mother that he texted his dad on Thanksgiving with a message saying, "Let's put all this shit in the past. I don't really wanna do this anymore." Brandon and his dad got into a physical altercation in March 2018, following social media posts Tommy shared disparaging Pamela. At the beginning of the season, the two were still not on speaking terms.

"Life's too short," said Anderson, who added that she was "so happy" to hear Brandon had reached out. "You can't pick your parents. But he's, you know what, there's a lot of good qualities about your dad."

"It's so exhausting holding a grudge," said Brandon. In a confessional he added, "Reaching out to my dad, I feel like I did the right thing. We've had our fights int he past but this one kind of got out of control and got in the public eye. For a long time, I thought my dad was gonna never have anything to do with me again."

It looks like Brandon's text led to some closure, as the two were seen hugging it out on social media in the weeks following Thanksgiving. On December 12, 2018, Tommy posted the photo below, with the caption, "I love you son."

"The Hills" airs Mondays on MTV.

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