'RHOC' Stars Vicki Gunvalson, Tamra Judge and Shannon Beador Trash 'Train Wreck' Kelly Dodd on Jerry O'Connell's Show
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When Jerry cautiously admits to the "Tres Amigas" that he "loves [Kelly] on the show," Tamra says that's because "everybody loves a train wreck."

"Real Housewives of Orange County" stars Vicki Gunvalson, Tamra Judge and Shannon Beador stopped by Jerry O'Connell's new show, "Jerry O," on Tuesday -- and no one was more excited about it than the Bravo super-fan host.

Among the topics discussed were Vicki's shocking Season 14 demotion to cast friend as well as the ladies' polarizing co-star, Kelly Dodd. Tension among Kelly and the "Tres Amigas" has been building for a while, with several social media wars (here's the first; here's the second) breaking out following last week's season premiere.

"You were terrific friends, and now..." Jerry said to Vicki, before Tamra cut him off. "Terrific?" she asked.

"We were friends when [Tamra] didn't like me, so I became friends with Kelly," Vicki explained. "She was new on my show, and so I felt..."

"My show?" Tamra half-jokingly asked. "Really? My show?"

"My show," Vicki repeated, before conceding, "It's our show, but it became mine in the beginning." She then offered to pass the "baton" over to Tamra so that she could take ownership of the reality TV series, but Tamra maintained she would "never say that."

"Anywho," Vicki went on, "Kelly and I were friends, and it went bad fast after her divorce. At the end of the day, I feel really, really bad about it. I don't like having enemies. I don't. I like having peace in my life, and the unfortunate thing is Kelly and I went sideways and kept going sideways."

Tamra interrupted again, noting that Kelly "goes sideways with everybody, though."

"And she was just not a kind person," Vicki tried to continue, but she was momentarily overpowered by the audience's oohs and ahs over Tamra's jab.

"She's not a kind person. I mean, I could talk to the nail technician, the hair people, anybody, they're like, 'She's just not nice.' you know?" Vicki said. "And I don't wanna be around not nice people at this time in my life."

While Vicki took a breath, Tamra chimed in. "She just goes -- she goes low. She goes low," she explained to Jerry, as Shannon echoed the sentiment.

"She calls me a pig! I was wearing a pink dress!" Vicki shouted.

Tamra insisted Kelly goes after "your mother, your dog, your dead grandparents. There's no boundaries!"

When Jerry cautiously admitted to the Tres Amigas that he "loves [Kelly] on the show," Tamra said that's because "everybody loves a train wreck."

Regarding Vicki's new role in the series -- her series -- she said she spoke to Andy Cohen Monday night for some reassurance before Tuesday's "Jerry O" appearance.

"I talked to Andy last night because I said, 'Uhhh, what do I say?' And he said, 'You know what? Nobody's ever lasted 14 years on a reality show. Be happy and proud of that,'" Vicki explained, eliciting cheers of the audience. "And I'm still in. Our producer, Scott Dunlap, said, 'Unless they kick you off the horse, don't voluntarily get off the horse.' So I'm still on the horse! I'm still riding the pony. I don't know what my future is, but I'm having fun with my friends."

Tamra was certain Vicki would "be back next year," as Shannon said Vicki "is the OG. She'll always be."

"I have very much love for my franchise, love for what I've created, and my cast. I do. We've been through hell and back. Not all the cast, but truthfully, it's our reality. I mean, it's what my life has gone through over the last 14 years, and it's been some bumpiness."

In happier news, Vicki spilled the tea about how her recent engagement to Steve Lodge went down.

"I worked 'til about 9 o'clock," she explained of the day he popped the question. "I told him I'd be home at 6, between 6 and 7. He said, 'I'm making your favorite dinner: salmon.' So got there and he had a bottle of Silver Oak on the table, and it was 9:30. He's like, 'You shoulda told me that you were gonna be a little late.' I go, 'Well, 6 o'clock is always 9.'"

"So he goes, 'Go up, put your pajamas on, I'll have dinner down in a minute.' So I'm like, 'Okie. I will do what you say,'" Vicki continued. "So I came down and we had dinner and he had [the ring] behind him on the bar chair. He's like, 'I think it's time to put a ring on it.'"

Vicki told Jerry she was "embarrassed" she wasn't wearing her ring for the talk-show appearance, explaining that it was inside a safe at her North Carolina beach house, where she had been staying.

"I'm so worried about losing it at the beach or anything, so I didn't bring it," Vicki said, before answering Tamra's question. "Of course it's insured."

Tamra also had some good news to share! Her husband, Eddie Judge, who's been battling atrial fibrillation (a-fib) for two years, "is back on track, so doing good."

"He's feeling better. He's back to riding," she said proudly. "You know, he can only ride 80 miles on his bike now instead of 100, but he's working his way up."

Shannon also gushed about her relationship with boyfriend John Janssen, which TooFab first confirmed, saying he was the "kindest person" she had ever met. Shannon called John a "great dad" with "great family values."

"I didn't think someone like him was out there -- when I least expected it," she said. Both Vicki and Tamra approve.

"The Real Housewives of Orange County" airs Tuesdays at 9 p.m. on Bravo.

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