Who Killed Bryce Walker? Everyone's a Suspect In '13 Reasons Why' Season 3 Trailer
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There's a new mystery at Liberty High.

When the murder victim is one of the most hated people in school, figuring out who killed him might not be an easy task.

"Who killed Bryce Walker?" is the big question of Netflix's "13 Reasons Why" Season 3, as Justin Prentice's character's death is the major mystery of the new episodes, dropping August 23.

"May I have your attention please," says a morning announcement at school. "We received some extremely sad news from the Evergreen County Sheriff. Bryce Walker was found and has been confirmed dead."

It doesn't take long for Bryce's death to become a murder investigation, however, as his mother (Brenda Strong) vows, "It's my wish to find the person who killed my son." From there, it's a lot of talk about motives, after Justin (Brandon Flynn) tells Jessica (Alisha Boe) that "someone we know could have done this."

Jessica is a suspect because she's "the one he hurt the most," following the sexual assault for which he was convicted in Season 2. Zach (Ross Butler) points out that Tyler (Devin Druid) has a gun -- meaning Bryce was probably shot -- before someone notes that Zach "hated him" too.

Clay (Dylan Minnette) seems to be the prime suspect though, as his mother tells him the police seem to think he did it. He claims he didn't, but he's also seen telling newcomer Ani (Grace Saif) that "this whole f--king world is better without [Bryce] in it."

"Police are determined to get to the truth, but with a web of secrets and lies this tangled, will anyone be found guilty?" asks Netflix in a press release. We'll find out when the show drops August 23 on Netflix.

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