The Stars of '90210': Where Are They Now?

Another former star returns for the reboot this week, as the cast makes their pitch for the show within the show.

Who wants to dismember the alums of West Beverly High?

Wednesday's new episode of "BH90210" leaned into the original's soapy nature hard, ending with a tantalizing cliffhanger teasing someone is out to harm them. But that last minute twist -- which we'll dig into in a minute -- wasn't the only surprise of the hour, which once again straddled the line between reality and fiction for the stars of "Beverly Hills, 90210."

In case you missed the premiere, this very meta show follows the cast of the OG series as they play exaggerated versions of themselves planning a true revival.

After Tori Spelling came up with the idea to reunite for a reboot, tonight's episode showed her trying to get everyone else on board. Fox was into the idea after her arrest video generated over 5 million views, but they were only in if the rest of the cast was too.

Though they balked at first -- with Brian Austin Green joking, "You know what's super sexy? A middle aged white rapper" -- they all eventually agreed by episode's end, for very different reasons.

For Spelling, she and her husband just need the money, a wink to the ongoing gossip about her real-life finances. Ian Ziering saw it has a marketing opportunity for his new fitness brand, after his marriage fell apart due to his cheating wife. Green was talked into it by Shannen Doherty, seeing it as an opportunity to remake a name for himself without his superstar wife's help.

Jennie Garth initially said no, opting to spend time with her daughter, who was trying to emancipate herself from her mom. The two disagreed over the daughter's desire to act, with Jennie hoping to keep her away from the "traumatic" lifestyle she had growing up in the spotlight. In the end, the reboot ended up being a perfect compromise -- Jennie got to work and offered her daughter a part, as a way to keep her close and show her the ropes of the business.

Gabrielle Carteris has one of the more interesting storylines, as the TV version of herself is questioning her sexuality, a nod to fans who believed or hoped Andrea Zuckerman was a lesbian. After kissing a woman in a bar in the premiere, she told Jason Priestley about what happened. Saying what she was experiencing weren't "exactly new feelings," she explained that the birth of her granddaughter made her want to be her "most authentic self."

Before she agreed to the reboot, Carteris demanded the new version of Andrea also explore her sexuality, hoping to highlight inclusion and diversity in a show that shied away from it in the past. "I don't know if you know, but back in the '90s I wasn't allowed to touch my African American TV boyfriend," she told Spelling. "I know things have changed, but they haven't changed enough. We can do better, we need to do better ... we could cast queer, we could do it right."

She later -- with tears her in eyes -- explained to her husband why that storyline was "so important" to me. FYI: In real life, Carteris has been married to husband Charles Isaacs for 27 years and has advocated for LGBT protections as SAG-AFTRA president.

Meanwhile, Priestley was interested in the reboot if he could direct the pilot. In order for that to happen, he had to first smooth things over with the actor he assaulted on a TV set -- with Carteris helping broker a truce. In non-reboot news, his wife -- played by Vanessa Lachey -- is probably tricking him with her pregnancy, as she met up with a mystery man who threatened to expose her "little secret" and viewers learned Priestley's swimmers would need a little extra help making a baby.

With everyone -- minus Shannen, who was still MIA saving the animals -- on board and equal creative partners in the reboot (as they are in real life), they strolled back to Fox's offices and were met with another familiar face. Overseeing the show as executive in charge will be Christine Elise, aka Brandon Walsh's onetime girlfriend Emily Valentine.

Calling out their "narcissism," "neuroses," and "pathological self absorption," it's clear this version of Elise is not exactly a fan of her former costars. That being said, she menacingly tells them, "This is going to be so much fun."

After a teenage boy is seen following Green around and applying to be his assistant [he's gotta be BAG's son, right?] the episode ended with all the stars finding boxes outside their homes. Inside: bloody, dismembered dolls that resemble their on-screen alter-egos. Ruh roh!

"BH90210" airs Wednesdays on Fox.