Brian Austin Green on Tori Spelling's 'Crush' and How Megan Fox Marriage Mirrors 'BH90210'
The Stars of '90210': Where Are They Now?

The actor also reveals what he "did not enjoy" back in the day and spills on bringing his son to set.

Brian Austin Green's real life and fictional relationships are back under the microscope thanks to the premiere of "BH90210," which may or may not have embellished things between him and Tori Spelling and was partly inspired by his marriage to Megan Fox.

Let's start with the Tori of it all. On the series, the stars of the original "Beverly Hills, 90210" all play exaggerated versions of themselves, as they reunite for a reboot. In the first episode, she said she lost her virginity to BAG, IRL.

"I thought you were gonna ask me if that was true or not," said Green during an interview with AOL Build on Tuesday. When the reporter noted Tori said she "had a crush on you back on the day, but nothing really ever happened," Green added, "Good for her, she answered perfectly."

Though in 2015, Spelling herself claimed -- while taking a lie detector test -- that the two had sex back in the day, Green wouldn't even cop to reciprocating Tori's crush when asked if he ever had one on her too.

"No, we were kids, we were doing a show. Tori's awesome, we had a lot of fun but I'm one of those serial monogamous daters," he explained. "When we started the show, I started dating [Tiffani Thiessen] not too long after, we were together for a few years, then she came on the show, then I started dating Vanessa Marcil for a little while and then I started dating Megan and we've been together for 15 years now, we got married and have 3 kids together, so I'm kinda that guy."

"I was either really single, really doing music and doing my thing or really all about relationships," he added.

Though he's married to the famous Fox IRL, "Brian's" wife on the show is a super popular musician, played by La La Anthony. Green's on-screen persona is trying to make a name separate from his wife's on the revival, as he tries to regain solo fame. Speaking with AOL, the actor was asked how much the series mirrors his real life marriage.

"We wanted to have fun, but do something that was close enough where it wasn't too much of a stretch," he explained.. "If I was married to a florist, it would have been too much of a stretch, I don't think people would have related to it, understood it."

"There was a lot of thought that went into it," he added, while hoping viewers aren't constantly asking themselves, "Is that from Brian and Megan's real marriage?"

Green also said the actors sat down with the writers to figure out how to create these "heightened" versions of them. "Some of the stories came from our real lives," he said, adding that he knew what he was signing up for as far as the references are concerned.

Though the new version of the show leans into the actors' real lives, Green admitted he wasn't necessarily happy when the OG series did that back in the day. When asked about David Silver's musical aspirations by a fan, the actor admitted he "did not enjoy the musical scenes" of the original, because they were inspired by his experiences outside of the show.

"I love music myself and the head writer on the show saw me dancing at one of the wrap parties and wrote it in and all of a sudden music became the character," he revealed. "I was very self conscious on set doing it because it was so close to myself and I wasn't able to get lost in the character and do something silly and be separated from it that way."

He said he "never totally got used to it" and things "got a little muddy" for him, but he's okay with it now, looking back.

Now a family man with four kids of his own, Green also talked about his oldest son with Marcil, Kassius, coming to visit him during filming and why it was so surreal for his costars.

"He came to set for a week and it's crazy for me, A) to think I have a 17 year old, because that's just insane, but for everyone else in the cast it was weird because he's the same age that I was when I started," he said.

"For them, it was a trip, talking to him they'd pick up little nuances," he said, adding that the teenager also wants to get into acting.

"He should just have a Plan B," said Green with a laugh. "I never had a Plan B, I started acting when I was 9, so [Ian Ziering] was like, 'Totally support him but make sure he has a Plan B, just in case."

"BH90210" airs Wednesdays on Fox.

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