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Once again, a huge power shift in the house changes everything, blowing up alliances and creating new targets on the block.

"Big Brother" has been on a remarkable run this summer with seven HOH competitions and seven different HouesGuests winning those competitions coming into tonight's episode. And then it happened again.

It's indicative of an incredibly balanced game as far as the caliber of player "BB" found for this season. The only people who had not won HOH and were still in the house going into this week were Analyse, Nicole and Michie (Jackson). For the record, the girls have never won anything, though each has been nominated once.

Michie has a veto under his belt already, as well as the America's Field Trip bonus competition that was more punishment than victory. However, he needed that win to ensure his safety in the game, and heading into this week's battle, he needed another one or he and Holly were like to see the block together.

Sis Chicken

Sis (Analyse) came in second in the AFT comp, and her punishment was having to dress like a chicken and make eggs at the whim of "BB" for a week for her fellow HGs. This meant she was making and delivering eggs at all hours of the day and night.

It's worth noting we can add making eggs to the list of things Sis does not know. Tonight, we also learned that she doesn't quite grasp how the seasons work as far as daylight goes ... or maybe time.

When the other HGs were talking about how we were past the summer solstice and the days where getting shorter, she thought the days were literally getting shorter. "At least it'll be 10 o'clock sooner," she said.

What she does know? She's really f-----g hot and can get any f-----g guy she f-----g wants to. She also knows the word f--k and how to use it.

Pants Down, Balls Up

This week saw the classic "BB" challenge with the HG's slipping and sliding up and down the backyard to fill up giant steins with liquid that definitely wasn't beer. No temptations this year and no distractions...

Well, at least until Michie "dropped trou'," as he put it, and competed in his underwear. It was just kind of a thing that happened after he let his suspenders drop on his little German lederhosen outfit. Turns out they were more than just decorative.

Maybe it was the lack of wind resistance on his legs, but Michie quickly picked up steam and the lead and ultimately never let it go, securing his first HOH win of the season, and perhaps the most important one for him to win, with Cliff and Nicole having just betrayed Kathryn as part of their deal to create a "new six" with Christie, Analyse, Tommy and Nick.

Another part of that deal: take the shot at Michie and Holly if you win HOH. The remnants of the old six (plus Nick) were more than happy to let Nicole and Cliff get the blood on their hands as they're just pawns in their game anyway.

Playing Chess, Not Checkers

Thinking of his long-term game, as well as his short-term safety, Michie knew that he had to put up two of the "new six." But immediately after he won HOH, Cliff came clean about the deal, including the part where he and Nicole were to target Michie and Holly if they won. Respecting the honesty and that Cliff's back was against the wall, Michie wisely saw that Cliff and Nicole weren't the real threats.

They weren't even real members of the "new six," they were the pawns at the bottom of the totem pole put there to do the dirty work of "the four," which is the real power alliance.

And who's been a part of ever power alliance throughout the game? Well a few people, but the one gunning for him harder than anyone else is Christie. And just like that, Michie's mind was made up and his target was clear. In fact, his gut instinct was to put up Christie and Sis

Sis is the only one he was confident would assure Christie going, and she was another vote to save Christie eliminated from the voting pool at the end of the week. And by keeping two members of the four or the "new six," it forces the alliance to turn on one another, which is always good for the outsiders.

It's a baller move for sure, the kind Cliff, Jessica and Tommy haven't been afraid to make, either. The real challenge now is to see if he can follow in Jessica and Tommy's footsteps and win the Power of Veto during his HOH to ensure his nominees are exactly what he wants come eviction night.

HouseGuest Report Cards

Tommy has made bold game moves and he wisely knows when to step back. He's got a great social game, competitive game and he's earned the respect of the gamers in the house. His willingness to cast Christie aside is the right move at the right time, which means he's thinking long-term. And the way he's playing, he may yet have one. Grade: A+

Holly has Michie in front of her as a shield and ally in the game. She's also proven a keen observer of how the land lies. Plus, if she and Michie can pull off breaking down the "new six," she'll be in a power position in the house as the numbers continue to shift and new alliances emerge. Plus, if Christie goes, she and Michie are the only "couple" left, which is pretty powerful. Grade: A

Cliff made another savvy move this week, coming clean to Michie right after his HOH win and earning his respect. Cliff plays week to week and makes tough decisions and moves, but it's all strategic and logical. It could hurt him in the end with a bitter jury (Kat feels particularly betrayed), but if he can get there, he'll also earn a lot of respect as an underdog who fought his way through this game. Grade: A-

Michie is the biggest physical threat in the house, he's had a target on his back for weeks and he's still there. He's winning the comps he needs to win and he's taking the shots he needs to take. The only drawback to his game is just how big of an obvious threat he is, so even his allies will have to turn on him eventually and before he can get them. Grade: B

Nicole is playing a sweet and innocuous game, but she's also very clever and strategic in the background. The longer she's in the house, the better her relationships have gotten with the other HGs, and yet so many of them don't fear her because she hasn't won anything. But that's also kept a target off of her back for the past several wees. Grade: B-

Jessica tried stirring the pot this week, but the rest of the house quickly realized she was the focal point of all their drama. The problem for Jess is that she's been ostracized most of the game and she hasn't done enough herself to form the kinds of tight bonds socially you need for that manipulation game to really work. Now that she's proven herself a competitor, too, none of this is good for her long-term safety in the house. Grade: C+

Analyse is on the block, but not really a target. Honetly, no one really thinks of her as a threat at all. We wouldn't be surprised to see her make it all the way to to the end either as she'd be someone everyone else in the house would probably feel pretty confident they could beat ... and should. She just hasn't done anything except get emotional, and she seems to only manifest one reaction to emotions: mean-girl anger. Grade: C

Nick has been playing a masterfully devious game all season long, snaking in and out of sides in the house, depending where the power lies. The problem is that people are starting to see his game, which Michie declaring him the biggest threat in the house, outside of Christie. Both assessments appear spot-on from the outside. With a light on him now, can Nick snake his way out of this one? Grade: C-

Christie is in trouble this week. The last person she wanted to win is Michie because she's been gunning hard for him. And he's bull-headed when he decides what he wants and right now he wants her gone. Whether or not he wins Veto, she's likely through. People see the threat she is in the game and this house has mostly (so far) been going along with the wishes of each HOH. Plus, Christie made this bed with her own mean-girl behavior on the one hand, and by being very, very good at this game on the other (but in an aggressive in-your-face way, which paints a target). Grade: F

House Chatter

"In the end, I realized if I vote out Kat, I will have the least amount of people angry with me and potentially coming after me." --Nicole

"I hate that my hands were tied and I couldn't do anything for her. And now? It's just me and Michie. One of us is going to have to win this HOH." --Holly

"I made a deal with five other people. But how tight and how loyal I am to that group, it all depends on who wins this HOH. I'm doing what I have to do to survive at this point." --Cliff

"Just before my friend Kat left, I wanted to make sure I started a little fire." --Jessica

"I know about the new alliance. I know Cliff is a part of it and I know I'm not." --Jessica (to Analyse) "I never agreed to any alliance." -- Analyse (lying) "Like, that's what I heard." "There's absolutely no alliance being made." "Okay." "I'm telling you. I'm literally telling you the truth. I don't need to lie. I haven't lied once in this game." --Analyse (bad liar)

"I don't know what's going on between you and Holly. Holly says Jackson told her that you were flirting with Jackson." --Jessica (to Analyse, stirring the pot)

"If I wanted Jackson, I could have f-----g had him." --Analyse (to Christie) "She's right there." --Christie (Holly is listening at the door) "I don't give a f--k, let them hear me."

"There was no discussion of a final six. Did the six of us even sit in a room together? No. Never happened, on my sister's life." --Christie (wouldn't want to be her sister)

"I realize halfway down my pants start falling down. So, I'm dropping trou' and I'm gonna do this thing in my underwear. My poor mother. I love you dearly. I'm so sorry." --Michie (during HOH comp)

"Beer makes his clothes come off. Tequila makes mine come off." --Holly

"My initial instinct is throwing Christie and Sis on the block. Let me backtrack that. My initial gut instinct is to put Christie up with literally anyone in the house. The days of playing it safe are over." --Michie

"Let me say this. I made a deal to stay alive. It involved targeting y'all today if I had won, so I can't ask any consideration." --Cliff (coming clean to Michie)

"The fact that Christie, Sis, Tommy, Nick were going to have Cliff do their dirty work for them is a coward move at its finest. But I wouldn't expect anything less." --Michie

"Everyone else is afraid to take a shot at her and I'm sick of it." --Michie (about Christie)

"I'm like three exits away from him." --Christie

"Oh Christie, tell them my address while you're at it. Christie, are you forgetting that we don't want anyone to know that we know each other? Just stop talking, please." --Tommy

"Nick is creeping up on my list of people I need to be worried about." --Jackson

"I've nominated you, Christie, and you, Analyse for a couple reasons. One, I know that if I hadn't won this key, I would be one of those keys. This is not personal. We are grown adults. We came to play a game, we came here to complete. I came here to win and, quite frankly, y'all are two threats and may prevent me from doing that." --Jackson

"I may have to give up on Christie because if I fight too hard for her after having used the Veto on her last week, it's gonna show my cards. If it's her time to go then she's gotta go and I don't want that, but I don't see another way out of this unless she wins that Veto." --Tommy

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