'Teen Mom OG' Recap: Amber Portwood Arrested, Gary and Kristina Discuss Aftermath
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'Teen Mom' Stars and Their Kids

"A hit’s a hit. Whether you do it with a flip flop or a hammer."

"Teen Mom OG" pulled no punches when showing the lead-up to and aftermath of Amber Portwood's arrest on the season finale.

Things kicked off with Portwood telling her psychiatrist: "There's just too much life to live to keep living this way. Then you have those moments, where you're not proud and you're like... 'ugh, I did it again.'"

When her now-ex boyfriend, Andrew Glennon, later asked how her therapy session went, Amber told him they talked about "negative self talk."

"I push away happiness, which leads to like pushing away you. All you can do is just be there for me and be happy," Amber told him.

When talking to her cousin Krystal, however, Amber made it clear that Andrew "just doesn't understand."

"He'll joke when it's not time to joke. I just think that when he jokes when we're talking about things that bother me, that bothers me. I know it's hard for people to understand."

This comes as nothing new to viewers, however, who witnessed Amber snap at Andrew for his jokes in last week's episode. "You're not listening to a word I'm saying. Your jokes are not appreciated at this time. We're speaking right now and you're joking. You're not listening. You're the worst person to talk to about this, honestly. Sometimes I just need my baby to talk to me. It's like talking to a friggin' clown."

MTV then cut to a black screen that read, "On the night of July 4th, Andrew sent a text message to 911." An officer's voice can be heard saying, "I received a text message from someone that their life and their son's life is in danger," with an image of Amber's booking photo from the night she was arrested.

According to TMZ, Amber was arrested for domestic battery on July 5 after Andrew contacted cops and claimed she hit him with a shoe while he was holding their child. She also allegedly wielded a machete during the incident.

This isn't the first time Amber has gotten herself into legal troubles. She chose to serve a five year prison sentence for domestic violence as well as drug charges in 2012, instead of going to rehab. She was released early due to good behavior and had been on the straight and narrow until her latest charges.

MTV caught up with Amber's ex, and father of her daughter Leah, Gary Shirley and his wife Kristina after the news of the arrest broke.

"I wish we could just wake up and say it was a dream," Kristina said.

"You know, if anything is true, from what I heard, there need to be some sort of repercussions for something. He's saying one thing. She's saying one thing. And a hit's a hit. Whether you do it with a flip flop or a hammer," Gary said to his wife.

Gary then turned the conversation to the effects on their family, specifically 10-year-old daughter Leah. "I mean this has an impact on all of us. She didn't just affect her own self and her own family, it trickles down to us too."

"It's heartbreaking. I know it's flipped the world upside down of everyone that's involved. How do we continue to co-parent with, you know, the legal issues involved and Leah's emotions? And I know that you're taking it pretty rough too," Kristina told her husband.

"My heart breaks for the kids. I went through this with her. Leah went through this with her. And now, it sounds to me like James is gonna have to go through this," Gary said.

Fans have been wondering how Amber's daughter has been handling the news, and we now have some heartbreaking answers.

"I mean, ultimately, Leah is almost 11. She knows a lot of what's going on," Kristina said. "I think the only thing she's said to me though was, 'If mommy goes back to prison, what will happen to James? Will James be taken away from me as well?' And I don't have those answers, I don't know how to answer her. She deserves to be a kid, and these are adult situations."

The "Teen Mom OG" reunion special airs next Monday where we see Amber sit down one-on-one with Dr. Drew.

"Oh, he's got somebody else?" Dr. Drew asks. "I found out everything, and it's to a T," Amber says presumably about those Andrew cheating rumors.

"Teen Mom OG" airs Mondays on MTV.