Jana Duggar Accused of Photoshopping Long Skirts Onto Bare-Legged Strangers in Her Instagram Pic
13 Stars Who Have Been Accused of Offensive Photoshopping

"If you can't handle the clothing that other people wear, then stop going out in public," one follower wrote.

Celeb Photoshop fails usually involve an attempt to make a body part look sexier... not the other way round.

But that's exactly what Jana Duggar appeared to do in a recent Instagram post, when she seemingly painted digital skirts onto two bare-legged strangers in the background.

The "19 Kids And Counting" star shared a very innocent photo from an Arkansas festival on Friday — but apparently it wasn't quite innocent enough.

"Stopped by the Tontitown Grape Festival!" she captioned her sweetly smiling pic. "Spent $5 on a game I never had a chance of winning, but memories are priceless! 🤗🎡 #smalltowngirl"

But eagle-eyed fans noticed two girls in the backdground were "wearing" some very odd looking clothes, almost as if they had been clone stamped on. The designer/artist had even chosen two different patterns for the oblivious models.

"It catches your eye as soon as you look at the picture," one follower wrote. "If Jana doesn't want to share a photo that shows people whom she considers to be dressed immodestly then that's absolutely fine, it is her page and she is allowed to share what she sees fit, but what is not acceptable is imposing her own personal standards on other people without their consent... by editing their appearance in such a way."

"Blur the background of the photo so you can't tell what anyone is wearing, or just take another photo altogether. It is not difficult. The Duggars expect to have their beliefs and standards respected, to not extend the same basic courtesy to other people is hypocritical to say the least."

Another accused: "Wow... altered this photo to make the girls behind you have modest clothing on."

A third added: "Don’t think people are blind enough to fall for your joke of a photoshop. If you can't handle the clothing that other people wear, then stop going out in public. Or at least just crop them out of your picture instead of indirectly shaming and disrespecting them."

However many of Jana's 550k followers who commented agreed with her decision.

"her photo I would have covered them.or cropped them too," one declared.

Another wrote: "Jana. You are a beautiful young lady and you always present yourself as a decently clothed and lovely young lady. It's so rare to see young lady with grace and style."

Some followers meanwhile were tickled that Jana was so distracted by the bare legs in the background, that she didn't notice someone apparently flipping the camera off right beside them.

"You do realize there a boy in the background lifting his shirt and flicking you off right??" one wrote. "I guess u were too occupied with covering the girls thighs u didnt notice.... How sad."

Although it remains unknown what the two strangers were originally wearing, geotagged photos from the event show the vast majority of women attending wore Daisy Dukes.

Anna Duggar, wife of the family's disgraced eldest Josh, ignored the controversy, opting instead to give some fairground game encouragement in the comments: "Maybe you’ll win it next year!"

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