Arnold Schwarzenegger Joins Mortal Kombat
Linda Hamilton, Arnold Return In New 'Terminator: Dark Fate' Images

Hasta la vista, Raiden.

They've been beating the digital crap out of each other for 27 years... but they've never had an opponent quite like this.

Arnold Schwarzenegger has joined the roster for Mortal Kombat, in the form of the T-800 Terminator.

A trailer for the latest add-on for Mortal Kombat 11, unveiled at Gamescom on Wednesday, confirmed Arnie's killing machine as a playable character.

Joining him in the epic clip were three MK stalwarts: the shape-shifting original boss Shang Tsung, Native American shaman Nightwolf, and the flying, screaming mother of Kitana, Sindel.

But there were other crossover newcomers to the franchise too, including Batman arch-nemesis The Joker, and Todd MacFarlane's comic book antihero, Spawn.

The Terminator in the game appears to have been modeled on the most recent version — complete with graying beard — who will appear in the upcoming "Terminator: Dark Fate". The sequel, which marks the return of Linda Hamilton's Sarah Connor, is set for release on November 1.

No word on his finishing moves yet, but he is almost guaranteed to utter "Hasta la vista, baby" when delivering fatalities.

Arnie's Terminator will be available as a downloadable character from October 8.

According to Gamespot, the new roster of characters had been leaked by fans data-mining; one more character was unearthed back then but has not shown up in the trailer: Evil Dead's Ash Williams, famously played by Bruce Campbell.

Last week, Arnie paid tribute to the man who made him The Terminator.

"Happy birthday to my dear friend, the great visionary @JimCameron," he tweeted. "As you know, @Terminator changed my life. You are a big reason that I can never call myself self-made. This early storyboard you drew for Terminator reminds me of your big vision, and I cherish it."

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