The Stars of 'Beverly Hills, 90210': Where Are They Now?

See what secrets came out when the gang visited group therapy.

Tori Spelling will do whatever it takes to get Shannen Doherty to join the "Beverly Hills, 90210" reboot, even if that involves climbing a mountain.

During Wednesday's episode of "BH90210," Spelling not only remained determined to get everyone on board for the reboot but to stay on board. Getting the cast to agree on everything proved to be more than difficult as many secrets -- including wild hookups and cheating husbands -- were brought to light.

In case you missed the premiere, this very meta show follows the cast of the OG series as they play exaggerated versions of themselves planning a true revival.

The episode opened with Jason Priestley having a sex dream about Jennie Garth. The next morning, when he faced his wife Camille (played by Vanessa Lachey) he confronted her about her pregnancy, revealing he can't have kids and therefore Camille had an affair. She apologized and said she "assumed" the baby was Priestley's, but then admitted she slept with another man one night after having "too many Kamikazes."

Gabrielle Carteris, who in the premiere started to question her sexuality, confronted her husband about the "electric" kiss she had with a woman in Vegas, telling him she needs to "explore" her sexuality.

"Then explore, but I'm not going to sit around pining away while you do it," her husband said.

Meanwhile, Spelling struggled to keep the cast's requirements for the reboot in check with the network. Christina Elise, who plays a Fox Network executive, warned Spelling that Doherty "better be on board" for the revival. Although she and Spelling weren't seeing eye-to-eye, Elise, who is openly queer, gave Carteris an encouraging push when it came to her possibly exploring dating women.

At another point in the episode, the cast met to see their scripts for the revival. Priestley was shaken when Ian Ziering, who arrived late and hungover, had a storyline about a pregnant wife-publicist who cheated on her husband after drinking "too many Kamikazes." Sound familiar? Priestley told Spelling he needed to meet the writer, named Carlisle, immediately. Upon meeting him, Priestley didn't hesitate to bring up his wife and picked a fight with the writer. The other cast members, specifically Ziering, all joined in the brawl.

Despite's Spelling's efforts, Priestley said he wouldn't do the reboot if Carlisle remained the head writer. So Spelling decided to fire Carlisle.

Because of all the drama, Carteris suggested they all go to group therapy. And their therapist turned out to be none-other than Carol Potter, who starred on the original series. It took only a few minutes for the pals to vent about both old and new grievances, including Priestley and Garth sleeping together.

The cast also spoke about their fear for their safety after being sent disfigured dolls of their characters. They were all offered bodyguards. Although they all had different views on the subject, Garth, in particular, was very much down to have someone to protect her. At one point, in fact, Garth thought someone was breaking into her home, so she charged at the man with a pole, only to find out the man was actually her new bodyguard, Wyatt. Her extremely hot bodyguard, we'd like to add. And there's definitely some flirtation going on there.

Brian Austin Green had some drama of his own. After hiring an assistant named Zach, the unknown teenage boy from the previous episode, his wife, Shay, played by Lala Anthony, accidentally left the gate unlocked outside the house. As a result, their daughter, Bryce, ran away, but was saved by Zach, who took the blame for Shay.

Although he said he was a "huge" "90210" fan, we have a feeling Zach has an ulterior motive as we see he has a creepy looking map in his room. As we previously mentioned, we think Zach could be BAG's son.

Ziering, on the other hand, was seen struggling to come to terms with the world today: some women find it offensive to be complimented. Ian learned this the hard way after he told a female writer she had nice eyes --and she was not amused. According to Ziering, the world changed when he was married.

"Flattery has been banished. I just don't know why!" he told Green and Priestley at a bar.

Ultimately, Spelling, still not giving up hope on having everyone in the reboot, traveled to Peru, to find Doherty and beg her to join the series. After climbing a mountain with a giant suitcase, Spelling found Doherty and pled her case.

"I know I'm not a baby tiger, or a sea lion, or an Amazon river dolphin, but I do need rescuing," Spelling said.

Doherty ultimately agreed.

Back in LA, the cast all got together to recreate their iconic photo. And the nostalgia was so real.

"BH90210" airs Wednesdays on Fox.

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