Todd Chrisley 'Forgives' Daughter Lindsie After Extortion Claims, Promises 'There's Going to Be a Lot Revealed'
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"This is her moment for her to say whatever she wants to say, regardless of whether or not it's true," the "Chrisley Knows Best" star says of his eldest daughter.

Todd Chrisley wants everyone to know that he will continue to love his oldest daughter Lindsie and believes "this is her moment for her to say whatever she wants to say, regardless of whether or not it's true."

On Wednesday, the "Chrisley Knows Best" addressed Lindsie's claims that he and son Chase purchased a sex tape of her in an effort to extort her into lying; Lindsie made her bombshell charges in a police report obtained by TMZ.

Sources close to Lindsie claim the Chrisleys were looking for Lindsie to lie on their behalf in her "her testimony regarding her parents' recent indictment on multiple federal charges, including tax evasion, bank fraud, wire fraud and conspiracy."

In response, Todd said on his podcast "Chrisley Confessions" with wife Julie that he is offering his daughter blanket forgiveness and unconditional love. After insisting all they would say about Lindsie was that they love her, Todd proceeded to say a lot more.

"She will always be my daughter, that will never change," Todd said. "She is my first born child, and she is loved, and this is her moment for her to say whatever she wants to say regardless of whether or not its true or not; she is forgiven. She is forgiven for what's happened in the last week to 10 days. She is forgiven for what has happened in this investigation that she has contributed to. She's forgiven for what she's gonna do today, and tomorrow."

The Chrisley family patriarch went on to express heartbreak that Lindsie does not reciprocate that capacity to forgive. Though she did say she loves her family on the "HLN Morning Show," Lindsie also said, "For what they've done [to] me, I will never forgive it."

Todd also teased that there is a lot more to come regarding the indictments brought against him and his wife, even going so far as to claim that his ex-wife had some involvement in turning the couple in with promises of a percentage kickback of any monies collected by the IRS.

"In the coming months there's going to be a lot of things that are revealed," he said. "There's gong to be a lot revealed regarding how we got to where we are with the Georgia Department of Revenue. How we got to where we are with the IRS."

In closing his opening statements on the podcast, Todd lamented that his children are unable to get along, revealing that he has told all of them to shut up at one time or another, including Lindsie. However, he also insists, "I love all of my children."

"It is a shame that I have raised five children and that the jealousy and the greed and the backstabbing that has been exhibited towards a sibling is unconscionable," he said. "They're going to be ashamed when something happens to each of them and then you can't turn around say I'm sorry, because it's too late."

On Tuesday of last week, Todd and Julie were slapped with a multi-count indictment, alleging years of tax evasion, bank fraud, wire fraud and conspiracy between 2007 and 2012. Court docs claim the couple ran a scheme in which they swindled banks out of millions of dollars in loans by providing fraudulent information, then skipped out on paying federal taxes on the money they earned. Their accountant was indicted, too.

The following day, the Chrisleys turned themselves in and pleaded not guilty in court.

Shortly before the charges became public, though, the couple put out a lengthy statement, denying any wrongdoing. According to Todd and Julie, a former employee of theirs carried out the financial crimes without their knowledge or participation. They insist they have nothing to hide.

Sources connected to Todd told the news outlet he suspects Lindsie might actually be part of the reason he and wife Julie Chrisley got indicted in the first place; however, Lindsie's attorney, Musa Ghanayem, said any report of her ratting out her family is untrue.

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