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On the block together, Christie and Analyse decide to lash out at ... their allies?!

Christie and Sis (Analyse) found themselves on the block after Michie (Jackson) won Head of Household last week on "Big Brother" and so it was time to start campaigning and gunning for the veto ... or was it?

For some reason, the girls instead spent the bulk of this first episode after their nominations wallowing in self-pity, lashing out at everyone around them and blaming Nick for everything.

Um, Nick isn't HOH. Nick isn't on the block. So why are you expending all this energy on him right now? Don't you have bigger fish to fry?

There was a Power of Veto competition to get to as well, with Nick further putting his relationship with the girls in jeopardy by insisting he would use it to save Sis. Both Sis and Christie would want him to save Christie, as they feel she is the clear target this week ... and she is.

But he doesn't feel he can trust her as much as Sis, which is also fair.

But as he can't tell them that is the reason, they're left to jump to the not-at-all obvious conclusion that he's working with Michie and Holly. And not as a theory, but as a fact.

It's the same way that Christie and Jack just decided that it was fact that Michie and Holly knew one another outside of the house or that Nicole was some kind of manipulative snake early on.

It's one thing to have theories, but to suddenly declare them as fact is absolutely insane. And yet, Christie keeps doing it over and over and over again.

She's very good at this game, but her tendency to assume a reality that doesn't exist combined with her genuinely concerning level of paranoia and extremely emotional outbursts make her a volatile and unpredictable player.

We've seen wildly emotional players win this game before, and between outbursts Christie is definitely one of the savviest players in the house. Her only flaw is that she's not savvy enough to appear less savvy than she is. That honor goes to Tommy.

Power of Veto

In a show of remarkable coordination and mental acuity, Michie surprised even himself by pulling off the Veto win by balancing stuffed sea life on sticks on ropes. If that sounds like craziness, it absolutely was. And the win makes him the third HOH in a row to also score the Veto and thus be able to control their entire week. The

incredible balance of the players when it comes to these competitions has made for a remarkable season filled with more twists and turns than we would have ever guessed when it looked like Gr8ful was just going to steamroll the whole season.

As expected, Michie kept his nominations the same, meaning it's looking like the end of the road for Christie. At the same time, we know this POV actually happened several days ago which means she had days to come up with a way to flip the vote and change her fate.

Christie is clever and sneaky and willing to say or do anything. We've seen her lie, create vast conspiracies out of nothing and redirect suspicion on other players for her actions several times already in this game. There is no depth she won't sink to and no act so deplorable as to be beneath her. She's either awful or brilliant ... or both..

In other words, we wouldn't count her out just yet. In a game of wits between the two people on the block, we'd throw our money behind Christie any day. Sis doesn't quite understand how time works (true story). She's certainly not going to out-campaign Christie with her back to the wall.

HouseGuest Report Cards

Tommy is just killing this game this season. His best friend is on the block and he is in so good with the guy who put here there. He is in good with everyone in the house. He's never been on the block and no one is targeting him right now. It's good to be Tommy. Grade: A+

Nick may be foolishly devoted to people who don't trust him, but he has been effectively playing all sides of this house and his social game is just about as masterful as Tommy's. In fact, he's even cozied up to and flirted his way into Tommy's good graces. He's a master manipulator, a chameleon and one of the worst confessional speakers of all time, but he's very good at the game. Grade: A

Holly showed an emotional side this week, but it's the kind of move that builds trust with the other side of the house, and that's key in a season where the power keeps shifting so dramatically. She has proven savvy in seeing where the power structures lie and who the threats are in the game. Her showmance could be her only game weakness as it creates an automatic target and connection (as seen by Sis and Christie blaming her for Michie's nominations). Grade: B

Cliff has proven himself a deal-maker of the highest order, and he does so with integrity and limited expectations. He doesn't make Final 2 deals, he makes deals to survive this week and trusts he'll figure out next week when he gets there. So far he has. And with his genuine character, everyone in the house likes him and trusts him, which is a good spot to be in for now. Grade: B-

Michie has drawn a clear line in the sand and if he proves inflexible, that could be his eventual downfall. If, however, he proves malleable then he could be a real contender. Like Cliff, he's playing with his head and not letting the personal get in the way of the moves he knows he needs to make. His eye remains firmly on the prize. But he's just too big a target to sit any higher right now. Grade: B-

Christie is as big a target as Michie, and she's also a volatile and unpredictable presence in the house. But even on the block and being the clear target this week, she's just too clever to write off. She may well go home, but even if she does we have to give credit where it's due and she's been a great player of this game. Not always an ethical one or an honest one, but a great one for sure. She may have just outplayed herself. Grade: C+

Nicole is still playing such a private and quiet game, it's impossible to see where her head lies. Even now, we're not sure who she's aligned with or what game she's playing. She's just playing for Nicole, which is great, but it's going to be a hard sell with the jury at the end. Grade: C

Jessica is playing a game of manipulation and planting seeds of doubt and mistrust. But, like Nicole, it's not a very flashy game. Now is the time for both ladies to strike and start getting noticed as there are so few people left in the game and your gameplay has to be recognized and respected to win. Grade: C-

Analyse isn't playing a game at all. She thinks she has a great social game. It's true a lot of people like her, but no one thinks she is a threat in this game. She's still never won anything, she has no logical strategy that we can see or follow. She's just floating through the game. If she makes it to the end it will be as an easy opponent to beat, but too many of these people keep talking about wanting to play with people whose games they respect ... well that spells doom for Sis. Grade: D

House Chatter

"I don't know who's gonna go, but Michie and Holly, y'all better watch out!" --Analyse (after nominations)

"I have a fire in me and I'm not meant to go yet. The universe takes care of good people and I'm going to win this veto." --Christie (but are you good people?)

"I'm happy to discuss anything, answer any questions, explain any reasonings. I'm being completely upfront about everything this week and this is not personal. It's the exact opposite of that." --Michie

[Flips Holly off after she says she didn't know what Michie would do (and after she leaves the room)] You knew exactly what the f--k was going to happen." --Analyse "I don't care. Everybody's fake. I literally don't even care. This house is a joke." --Christie

"Not to toot my own horn, but I'm really liked in this house. I have a great social game and I know that whoever I'm sitting next to will be going home." --Analyse (probably right, but not for the reasons you think)

"Sis and Chris, how are they in the RV?" --Michie "Not talking to me." --Holly

"All I really know in this game is that I know nothing." --Jessica (still not a part of anything ever)

"He's playing all sides." --Jessica (about Nick) "He is really very good at this. He plays on people, he flirts his way through this game with everyone, guy, girl. So he has the street smart ... and the psychology." --Christie

'Are you working with him?" --Analyse (to Nick about Michie) "Are you serious? Are you dead serious? Did you just ask me that?" --Nick (none of those are answers)

"Did you make a deal with them?" --Tommy (to Nick about Michie and Holly) "Are you serious, bro? --Nick (still not an answer)

"I don't get why no one f--king trusts me in this game." --Nick (because you have flipped and flopped your way through it)

"I don't want to continue to go forward in this game with people who can't trust me as much as I trust them." --Nick

"We also think it's weird that you do have a deal with Michie and Holly." --Christie (to Nick attempting to manifest her crackpot theories into reality)

"You can always look at me and see home. (x3)" --Tommy (trying to be sincere with Christie ... an epic fail!)

"I'm not giving up, but I'm definitely feeling kind of helpless at this point." --Christie (after Michie wins POV)

"Like, I'm glad that Tommy and Holly are playing 'Baywatch,' running around the house, ripping their clothes off, laughing and smiling and everything's so funny. Thanks friends!" --Christie (glad you've never been insensitive to other's feelings in the house)

"I can't waste my dream because she is ruining hers. And I hope she can understand that someday." --Tommy (about Christie)

"For the past month or so, I have been dragged through the mud, my reputation has been questioned and smeared, I've been backstabbed and betrayed. There is nothing you can say or do to me that is going to mend the damage that has been done." --Michie (but she's gonna try!)

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