Whoopi Goldberg Defends British Cynthia Erivo's Casting As Harriet Tubman (Exclusive)
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"Doesn't matter if you're British," Goldberg said.

Whoopi Goldberg doesn't have problem with Cynthia Erivo playing Harriet Tubman, despite the fact that's she's British.

While out in Los Angeles Wednesday, "The View" co-host weighed in on the controversy over Erivo's casting as the famous American abolitionist.

"Well, I feel as long as she's African, and black she might have some feel for it," Goldberg said. "But who amongst the actors isn't going to have to do the work? So, I'm sure there's a lot of controversy but you know good actors are good actors."

The "Sister Act" star was asked about the "movement" in Hollywood casting for people to be hired for what they are. For example, a transgender actor playing a transgender role.

"It's different you know if you're talking about actors who have not had great opportunities and have always been played by other people," Goldberg said. "There is something to be said that can you let folks just play the part that they are? If you're a deaf actor, it's great to have a deaf actor. You know what I mean?"

"If you need someone who is, I don't know, a Latino, it would be nice if it was a Latino because we're here," she continued. "The only problem for me is you have to be a good enough actor to do the job."

"Doesn't matter if you're British," Goldberg reiterated.

Erivo's defenders point out that there wasn't as much outrage when Daniel Day-Lewis was cast as Abraham Lincoln, or when Christian Bale nabbed the role of Dick Cheney as both actors are from the U.K. But according to Goldberg, this isn't the same situation.

"It's different because it's a part of history that people don't have a lot of information on," she said. "Let's just say the mere fact that it's being made is a plus."

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