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"Big Brother" finally gives us a worthy punishment by having HouseGuests slam each other in the face with pies like a classic installment of "The Three Stooges."

It wouldn't be "Big Brother" if things went smoothly, and that's exactly what Holly learned almost immediately after becoming the first HouseGuest to repeat as Head of Household. Thanks to the latest twist, she was going to have to give up some of her power.

To make matters worse, America's Prankster was a secret power, meaning she wouldn't know who got it and she had no way of predicting what they might do with it. And after taking the huge risk of saving Christie and evicting Sis (Analyse), Holly and Michie (Jackson) were so elated to have safety for the week. Now, well things aren't so certain.

Also, and they should have known better, they almost immediately learned to regret keeping Christie. Of course she was going to say whatever she needed to in order to stay. But Christie is not Cliff, a man of his word and his honor. Immediately she started trying to back out of her offer to go up as a pawn.

She was acting so much like they hadn't just saved her game if she'd won HOH we wouldn't have been surprised to see her nominate Michie and Holly. That's not to say that would be a bad game move, but it says everything about her style of game and integrity in the game and hat's not been a secret to anyone.

So how did Michie and Holly think she would be loyal? The only thing that was probably true, and why it wouldn't have been them this week (maybe) is that she wants Nick out of the house. At the same time, there are eight people in the game and two of them are a showmance. That's incredibly powerful. Plus, they are the most public duo.

Tommy and Christie are an unofficial duo, but have almost no loyalty to one another so they're more of a convenience duo. We'll try unless it gets hard. Cliff and Nicole are probably the second strongest pair after the showmance, and now they're in tight with the HOH and her consort, creating a powerful foursome that's positioned to run the game.

Open-Mouth Chewing, Watermelon and Pies

"BB" is hit or miss on comedy punishments and segments on the show, but all three were simply fantastic this week. They did a great job of spotlighting Michie's obsession with watermelon, which live feeders have been marveling over for weeks.

Also spotlighted on the live feeds is Christie's terrible eating tendencies, talking with her mouth full and chewing with her mouth wide open. It's nice to know it disturbs the other HouseGuests as much as it does America.

But the best bit was the pie-in-the-face punishment doled out on Cliff, Jessica and Nicole. The remnants of Cliff's Angels were forced to make pies and smash them in various people's faces (including their own) at the whim of "Big Brother."

But while it was fun watching them smash pies in each other's face, "Big Brother" really outdid themselves by waking them up at 3:15 in the morning and forcing them to wake up three other HouseGuests by smashign pies in their faces while they're trying to sleep.

Pie goes everywhere, including in the bedsheets, and it's clear this punishment is for everyone in the house. But it was hilarious to watch!

America's Prankster

Less hilarious was the creepy laughter (crying?) of the Prankster as he had the HouseGuests run around the house before revealing that someone would be stealing one of Holly's nominations and would even select the replacement if that person comes down via Veto. This could potentially ruin everything!

Even worse, it was impossible to predict America's motivation for who to grant this power. Would it be to mess up Holly's HOH, to protect a HG they like, or just to screw with everyone. Or maybe they just felt bad.

Christie blew Nick's game up brutally last week. It was to save her own game, and a facet of her aggressive and ugly gameplay, but it maybe didn't sit so well with America, who decided to give Nick the Prankster power.

The real question was what he would do with it.


Nick did not reveal that he got the Prankster power, which could turn around and bite him in the butt later if people find out or he decides to come clean. His game is already under scrutiny, so secretly using powers to undermine Holly's HOH isn't going to sit well with the person in power. And yet, he apparently seems confident he can keep this secret.

Unfortunately, America's Prankster does not afford him immunity from the block, and with only one nomination, Holly decided to pick up where she left off with her previous HOH. She'd nominated him then but he took himself off with the Veto.

Sitting alongside himself, Nick put up Christie. Hilariously, this was Holly's plan all along, and Christie freaking out about being the pawn she volunteered to be is what set off the red lights flashing in Holly's mind that she couldn't be trusted.

Knowing Christie's mind, she might consider this nomination a fulfillment of her promise to Michie and Holly that she would go up as a pawn, even though neither of them nominated her. But this is Christie's world and reality only goes so far here.

What's interesting about these nominations is it's a veritable crapshoot who would go home between them. We know Holly wants Nick gone, but she also wants Christie gone. And after her antics this week, that might become more urgent. Plus, if Nick is gone before Christie, who will she target next? Probably Michie and Holly.

Remember that Michie was sure he wanted Christie gone at this point last week and Sis was a pawn guaranteed safety. In other words, anything could happen. There's a lot of game to play yet this week. Veto could change noms dramatically, and even if it doesn't, the house could still change its mind.

HouseGuest Report Cards

Holly made a huge statement by following Michie's HOH dominance with one of her own. They are a power couple that could run this game for weeks to come. And now that they have an alliance around them, they're position in the house is even stronger. Grade: A+

Michie is right there with Holly. Both are playing very strong, competitive and intelligent games. The only flaw so far was keeping Christie, because she is a huge threat. But this is the week to take a commanding lead in the numbers by making it 4-3 with them and their allies on the side of power. Grade: A+

Cliff has himself positioned beautifully, but if his side falls out of power to Tommy or maybe even Jessica, he could find himself the first one targeted to go. He's still mostly in control of his own game and his fate, and he's proven a man of his word as well as a man willing to make any deal, so it should be interesting how that odd sense of integrity and betrayal plays out. Grade: B+

Tommy is on the outside of the votes, but he's also very charismatic and savvy and, outside of the showmance, one of the strongest competitors left in the game (along with Nick). A well-placed win here or there could change his fate dramatically, as could simply continuing to do what he does because everyone loves him. But it's definitely going to be more of a challenge now. Grade: B

Nicole is in Cliff's wings right now, protected under every deal he makes. She continues to not really talk game with anyone, so it's good to have an advocate willing to do it for her. But she also proved once again she's paying attention by sussing out that Nick had the Prankster power. Nicole is an underdog, but she'll need to prove herself a competitor to really make a play. **Grade: B-

Jessica is laying low and she has her subtle alliances. Unfortunately, she needs a shift in power to really make use of them and if this week goes the way it's going, it's not going to look good. Running out of targets, Holly and her crew are going to see Jess sooner rather than later if they keep power. She needs another win to change the direction of her fate. Grade: C

Christie basically blew her second chance in the house by quickly becoming Christie again. She can't be trusted, she will not honor her word and she will let paranoia and her worst traits out at the drop of a hat. She will lie and manipulate and cry to get her way. But she may have run out of people who are falling for it. That said, we've tried to count her out before. Either the "BB" gods, production or her own savvy have kept her alive this long! Grade: C-

Nick may be America's Prankster, but he's also in a terrible position in the house. No one really trusts him and with Christie blowing up his game, he's been painted in a negative light. And he's not taking it very well, which has really hurt his social game as he's stopped being as flirty and charming and fun. At this point, he's been exposed as a huge threat, so that's not good. Grade: D

House Chatter

"I know what it looks like, but trust me. I was on board with this and it might actually be able to help me more than if I'd just sent her home." --Michie (after Christie was't evicted)

"First repeat HOH of the season feels so good!" --Holly

"I have no one right now. I want to keep the both of you safe. I would be willing to be a pawn and I will honorably take fourth or fifth -- I really mean that." --Christie (before eviction) "Well, you're barking up the right tree." --Michie

"On my sister, I am good for my word." --Christie (you've lied on your sister's name before)

"Nicole and I are a lot tighter than people may assume." --Cliff (why are you telling Christie this?)

"You have me in your corner and I want to work with both of y'all (Nicole and Cliff) and if I'm going to lose to anybody, I want it to be to the people in this room." --Michie (also with Holly)

"I have a target this week. I've had a target. I want Nick out of this game. If the pranks interfere with that, then Nick will be coming after me even more than he already was and I'll miss a golden opportunity to get him out." --Holly

"I want to do Nick and Christie and just pray." --Holly (contemplating noms)

"I feel like your pranks are going to be targeted at me. Watch me go home on your HOH." --Michie

"Like why me? And why right now, Holly? This is not a way to prove that you want to work with someone toward the end of this game." --Christie (do you remember what you said?)

"I mean obviously I did say that I would go up as a pawn. I didn't realize now." --Christie (to Holly ... so you do remember)

"Sadly, I'm not overly surprised that Christie reacted like this. That was one of my biggest concerns keeping her in this house because I know her personality and her gameplay. So I'm wondering if we made the right move." --Holly

"We hustled and finessed for you staying here." -- Holly (about Christie) "I rerouted my entire plan for the entire month." --Michie "She needs a reality check."

"Christie is the most obnoxious eater I've ever seen. She is the most aggressive chewer, not only in this house but in the country." --Nick

"What makes you so sure that you're next to Christie? That made my little light bulb go off. How would you know that matter-of-factly unless you're America's Prankster." --Nicole (not believing Nick isn't Prankster)

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