Tana Mongeau Talks VMAs Red Carpet Snake -- But Was It Shade at Jake Paul After Cheating Allegations?
2019 MTV VMAs: Every Must-See Look from the Red Carpet

Was it an homage to Britney, wrestler Jake "The Snake" or perhaps her "husband" and possible "snake" Jake Paul, who was allegedly caught cheating on Mongeau with an ex?

If Tana Mongeau was looking to make a statement on the VMAs red carpet she certainly did that, and she didn't even have to say a word, though she did speak with TooFab about her wild and scaly accessory.

In this case, her accessory of choice may have been more about throwing some major shade at a certain someone than paying homage to Britney Spears, who famously performed "Slave 4 U" with a very similar-looking snake at the 2001 ceremony.

In fact, when TooFab asked Mongeau who wins between the snake and Britney, she immediately shouted, "Britney Spears, every time, are you kidding me?!"

She went on to say that there is no comparison between her and Spears, calling the pop star "a f--king icon!" (NSFW in below video)

So if it's not about Britney, then it's looking more and more like she took inspiration from one of the most iconic wrestling superstars of all time and made her own homage to Jake "The Snake."

Only we're pretty sure the Jake that Mongeau would be referring to isn't Jake "The Snake" Roberts, but instead her "husband" Jake Paul, who allegedly cheated on her with his ex, Erika Costell. The YouTube star was nowhere to be seen on the carpet, but could Mongeau be trying to say that she carried a symbol of him in her arms instead?

Regardless if the snake, whose name is Lucy, was supposed to represent Paul or not, Mongeau had nothing but love for the reptile, calling her a "queen" and saying she's "slaying it."

But she also had to acknowledge that carrying a snake is no easy job. "She’s so heavy, my arms are literally trembling right now," Mongeau confessed.

Mongeau also suspected that her red carpet accessory "probably freaked out every person I’ve walked past, to be real with you. But you know, that’s me. I’m that bitch."

To be fair, Lucy was probably at least a little about Britney, too, as Mongeau spent the evening on Monday night retweeting articles and posts comparing her red carpet look to Britney's iconic snake-clad performance with images of the two women side by side. Who wouldn't want to be compared to a "f--king icon"?

In a parody video of Ariana Grande's "thank u, next" last week, Mongeau sang, "Even actually got married / And for Jake I'm so thankful / Except when he goes out to lunch with his ex / And I find out on Twitter."

But it's also not clear what kind of alleged cheating this is, as the internet still isn't sure Mongeau and Paul ever got married, with Mongeau herself even saying the couple was not legally married, per ET.

Twitter had all kinds of ideas about Lucy. And if she's not saying the snake has anything to do with Jake, social media certainly is willing to go there. You can check out some of their reactions below:

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