Frankie Delgado Weighs In on Brody Jenner and Josie Canseco's Relationship (Exclusive)
Brody Jenner Kisses Josie Canseco at Atlantic City Birthday Bash

"The Hills" star also talked about the possibility of his former co-star Lauren Conrad joining the reboot.

Frankie Delgado agrees that Brody Jenner's girlfriend Josie Canseco is "wifey material," but he thinks it's way too soon to be talking marriage.

While out at Matsuhisa in Los Angeles last week, "The Hills" star weighed in on Brody's current romance with Josie, who he reportedly starting seeing just over two weeks after his split from Kaitlynn Carter.

When asked if he thinks Brody and Josie have discussed marriage, Frankie said, "Nah man, they just met each other, bro!"

"I mean, she's definitely wifey material, right?" he continued. "But, I wouldn't say [marriage]. We've got to, we got to take it easy on that. Let the boy live a little bit, right?"

The MTV star also weighed in on the possibility of his fellow "Hills" alum Lauren Conrad joining the reboot, "The Hills: New Beginnings."

"She's always welcome with open arms," he said. "I would love for her to be on the show, for sure. But you know, yeah, she's always gonna be welcome with open arms. It's like I said."

Someone who Frankie thinks needs to be on the show more? Brandon Lee.

"He's a star," Frankie said. "I want my little Brandon to be on the show as much as you can. Like I want him to be on board on the show. Everything should be about Brandon, man. We love him. The whole cast loves him. He's the best."

"The Hills" airs Monday nights on MTV.

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