Tori Spelling Role Plays as 90210 Character for Dean McDermott, Has Vagina Piercing
The Stars of '90210': Where Are They Now?

Another week, another dose of Tori TMI from her husband!

Donna Martin fornicates!

On the latest episode of his "Daddy Issues" podcast with cohosts Adam Hunter and Nicky Paris, Tori Spelling's husband Dean McDermott revealed that the two are into role playing when having sex -- and the "BH90210" star sometimes gets into character as her on-screen alter-ego to do the deed.

The subject came up when Dean's cohosts asked what they thought about Brian Austin Green confirming he and Tori had sex back in the day during a recent appearance on "Watch What Happens Live."

"They dated for the longest time," Dean cooly said in reaction. "They dated, that was her second boyfriend I think."

The next question: "Have you two ever role played as Donna Martin and somebody else?" McDermott's response: "Yeah, she's dressed up like Donna Martin and it's f--king awesome." He then confirmed that he doesn't play Brian Austin Green's character, David Silver, when they get it on.

"I was Dean McDermott. Here's the thing, the thing I love about [the reboot] is the flashbacks," he explained. "In Episode 2, the flashback, Tori running down the hall and she talks to Kelly, I was like schwing! She looked hot. You know the story, I had a crush on Tori on the show, so to see the flashbacks, I put it in the spank bank."

The sex talk only got more explicit from there, after McDermott relayed one of his lengthy standup jokes about keeping his eyes on his wife's vagina during a C-section. Brace yourself for this one.

"I can't help it. My wife has a beautiful vagina, she does," he said. "It's like two perfectly steamed gulf shrimp, side by side in the barren desert. The only thing nicer than my wife's vagina is my d--k, it's gorgeous, write about that."

Speaking of her private parts even more, McDermott said that the two of them got matching genital piercings together in Las Vegas five or six years ago.

"We have piercings together," he said, explaining he got a frenum that has since fallen out. "She has a thing called a Christina, which is a little thing above the button. It's a piercing right above the clitoris, it's called a Christina. We just love doing this stuff."

He then talked about the tattoo he got in honor of his wife right above his penis. While he's talked about it before, McDermott happily broached the subject again during the podcast.

"I have my wife's name tattooed [above my penis]. It says Tori's," he said, confirming he didn't get it because he got caught cheating. "I was getting [his arm sleeve] done and I surprised her with it. I surprised her. She loved it."

Before you ask, no, Tori doesn't have one saying "Dean" as well.