'Queen of Messy' Brandi Glanville Hurls C-Word at Tamra Judge in Gnarly Twitter War
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"I have much to say on the toxic trick that is Tamara," the "Real Housewives of Beverly Hills" alum begins.

Brandi Glanville is not shying away from her public dispute with Tamra Judge over the latter's involvement in perpetuating a rumor about Kelly Dodd and a "train" of multiple men.

In case you missed it, the last few episodes of "The Real Housewives of Orange County" showed Tamra, Vicki Gunvalson and Shannon Beador discussing -- to different extents -- a rumor they claimed to have heard about Kelly having sex with "eight guys," one right after the other. Kelly vehemently denied it.

But seemingly more upset than even Dodd was her friend and "Real Housewives of Beverly Hills" alum, Brandi, who took to Twitter after this week's episode to bash those who spoke about the rumor on camera, despite a supposed pact to keep their mouths shut.

Now, however, she has her sights set directly on Tamra, and Tamra's barking back.

"I have much to say on the toxic trick that is Tamara but I'm going to enjoy my holiday wknd first & address it on my next you tube episode," Brandi tweeted Saturday. "C--T f--king wait!"

"Looks like someone needs a little attention," Tamra replied to the tweet. "Who knew saying 'Kelly is the new Brandi' she'd lose her shit. It's not like I called her a hypothetical asshole. #calmdowngirl #attorneywatching #heresyourattention #takeitallin."

Judge's "hypothetical asshole" reference likely should have said "hypocritical asshole," which Brandi indirectly called her earlier this week.

"@TamraBarney you are somebody that I don't know but ur coming at my friends like a missile!" Glanville tweeted soon after, loosely quoting Taylor Swift. "You need to calm down you're being too loud so STFU."

She then told a fan, "Its a Saturday...just finished some f--king rose...and really wishing Tamra would go away #bitch don't kill my vibe."

Responding directly to Tamra's comment about attention-seeking, the "RHOBH" alum said, "So predictable! Cowards throw a stone and then hide behind their bank accounts so you can't actually respond to them!"

"Sweetie you threw the stone," Judge replied.

"Honey, how? Because I think your Meh-ssy??" Brandi barked back. "Babe your loud, predictable and uninteresting. Its just a fact no stones thrown."

Tamra replied, "You're on YouTube and the queen of messy, you can't even keep it interesting on reality TV."

"Lets just agree to have a twitter war!?" Glanville then tweeted. "No lawyers, no haters. I don't want to cancel anyone's life. I don't enjoy hate spewing. Lets agree to f--king disagree."

"Ok I digress," she added, "apparently I am a 'Hypothetical' asshole."

On her last episode of "Drinking & Tweeting," which aired Wednesday on YouTube, Brandi went in on Vicki, defended Kelly and essentially called Tamra boring.

"Vicki, oh my God, just f--king say it. What do you wanna say about Kelly? What is it? She did coke and had threesomes? That's a f--king Tuesday night for me. End scene," Glanville said, making sure to note that "going through a public divorce, like [Kelly] is, is f--king hard."

"You bitches need to be a little nicer to her. Cocaine happens! Not saying it did, but it does on occasion, especially with threesomes and going through a divorce. Maybe I know a little bit about that? F--k yourself," she added, before making one thing "very clear."

"I hang out with Kelly a lot, and I've never seen her do a drug," she said. "And I wish I had, because that would be super fun."

Brandi ended her rant with, "Tamra, meh. That's all I have."

"The Real Housewives of Orange County" airs Tuesdays at 9 p.m. on Bravo.

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