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The HouseGuests trash the house during the classic Hide and Go Veto competition, but not before Holly trashes Michie in front of everyone as the showmance hits the rocks!

It's double-eviction eve in the "Big Brother" house and the HouseGuests don't know it, though they've been suspecting it was coming for weeks now.

That means that battle lines should be clearly drawn by the end of the night on Thursday no matter who goes home in the first eviction. But before we can get there, we have to take care of a little housecleaning with the Veto.

And then the HouseGuests had to take care of a lot of housecleaning, as this was the comp where they have to hide their Veto somewhere in the house and then one by one they run through it and trash the place looking for those hidden vetoes.

Every year, we think they HGs might be a little more respectful of their living space, but as the rounds go on and on the destruction just gets more rampant. At one point, Tommy was flinging the contents of Nicole's undergarment drawers before realizing there's no way the veto could fit there. Do you think production encourages wanton destruction?

The night started with Jessica on the block opposite Christie, who really has fulfilled her obligation to Michie and Holly now with her fourth week in a row on the block. Michie has Jessica as his target, which is a smart move overall but also shows somewhat less than strict loyalty to Nicole and Cliff.

After all, if he were to target Christie for elimination, he breaks up the Tommy-Christie duo and the Jessica-Christie duo, leaving his final four and two people who aren't working together. Instead, he wants to leave two duos in the house in the hopes they'll take shots at one another and he and Holly can lay low.

What he doesn't realize -- or what he hopes they don't realize -- is that he and Holly are by far the biggest threats in the house and he is the biggest threat of them all. He's hoping his final four deal with Nicole and Cliff protects him from their targets, and it will, and the illusion of working with Christie and Tommy will keep them off their radar; it won't.

Christie has already determined that he's working with Nicole and Cliff. Sure, she's been certain of wrong things throughout this game, but she had to be right eventually, right? Christie is Michie's biggest threat remaining in the house, and he may come to regret the day he and Holly gave her a pass and let her stay. Especially with how unpredictable double-eviction night can be. There's a real chance he or Holly go home tomorrow.

Fight Night

In an unexpected turn of events, and kind of out of nowhere, Holly and Michie had an epic fight in the "Big Brother" house that played out over this past week. It all started when Michie gave his two cents about an idea Holly had and he did it in his usual condescening and somewhat controlling way. He doesn't seem to mean things the way they come across, but he's also tone-deaf to how he comes across even as he's very concerned about it.

Zingbot hit close to home when he called Michie a douchebag, as it seems that has been his perceived persona for a long time and he doesn't like it. He's incredibly sensitive to it, which is why he callously started to shut Holly down after she called him out in front of the other HouseGuests and America, going so far as to say he was acting like a "f--king asshole."

Part of it is ego and youth, but Michie was just ready to shut the door on the relationship and cut her out of his life right there. Had they not been trapped in the "Big Brother" house, he might well have done just that. It's a common flaw in relationships these days; we cut and run at the first sign of trouble rather than face the more difficult job of swallowing our pride and hurt and actually facing the other person and talking through something.

Holly was coming from her own place of hurt and bringing her own baggage from the past, clashing with Michie's baggage and his fear of how he's being perceived by America. The whole thing started because he didn't think America should know the real core of the HouseGuests. "That's private," he declared.

This is coming from a guy who spent the first few weeks in the house making racially insensitive comments and being aggressively misogynistic and controlling. He's toned down a lot of that, as he apparently got a sense that he was coming across negatively to America, but does this mean he's hiding his true self from America? Is it who we saw early on or someone else entirely? Does Holly know the real Jackson Michie? Does anyone?

Veto Madness

Meanwhie, in the game, Michie continued to paint a huge target on his back as a competition beast by finding three of the five Vetoes in the house. Only Jessica and Tommy found Vetoes aside from him. So once again, Nicole is continuing to paint a huge goose egg on her resume. Is it a compelling argument to say I never won anything but made it here anyway? That takes some skill, right?

Nevertheless, this comp is about the best hider, not the best finder as the finder doesn't know who they're eliminating. After all, Michie eliminated two of his allies in Nicole and Cliff, while Jessica eliminated Christie (who's on the block with her).

In the end, it was Tommy who proved the best hider, though his spot wasn't that great. In previous seasons, Vetoes in mattresses were found almost immediately, but he pulled it off with this group, which helps Tommy's resume with his third competition win, second only to Michie with a staggering six.

No longer shy about playing his cards, Tommy saved his only real ally in the game, pulling Christie from the block. Michie put Cliff up as a pawn, wanting to send Jessica packing, and it should go his way even if he has to break a tie. Nicole and Holly should vote to save Cliff, per his wishes, while Tommy and Christie will likely vote to save Jessica.

And then, "It's double eviction, baby!"

HouseGuest Report Cards

Holly is making a stronger case than she realizes to win the game, winning back-to-back with Michie and helping control the house for the past three weeks. If their alliance to Nicole and Cliff can survive the double eviction, she should be poised to make a run for the finale. Grade: A

Tommy doesn't have the numbers, but he has the ability to turn the house and win competitions. The right win in the right place could send Michie or Holly packing and change the fortune of everyone in the game, and he'd quickly make that move. He's also not really anyone's target, save Jessica, and she's probably going next. Plus, he is golden with most of the jury, giving him a great shot at winning their vote if he gets there. Grade: B

Cliff may be on the block, but he's looking pretty safe regardless. Cliff makes deals and he's beloved. He probably doesn't have a real shot of making it to the end unless he can start pulling off some more wins of his own to control his destiny, or Nicole can win her first anything and help him out. Otherwise, he's seen as a huge threat to win in the end (we think he'll get America's Favorite). Grade: B-

Michie is hands-down playing the best game in the house, but he's also very openly playing the best game in the house. He can't win his way to the end and he's a huge target. The chances of him getting there are so slim at this point, but we can see him sacrificing his game for Holly if it comes to it. If he makes it to the end, it should be a no-brainer, but can he get there? Grade: C+

Nicole is such a non-factor in this game, it could help her get closer toward the finals. But if she doesn't win something at some point, it's going to be nearly impossible to convince a jury to give her the prize money. For now, though, no one sees her as a threat, which means they'll target each other and she should continue to creep forward and survive. Grade: C

Christie is still the biggest target in the house, outside of Michie, and she has more people gunning for her. If Jessica goes, she or Tommy need to win HOH or she might be going home right behind her. And deservedly so as Christie has played a masterful game of survival in the "Big Brother" house. It hasn't always been clean or pretty to watch, but it's an impressive feat of craftiness, duplicity, lying, emotional manipulation and downright nastiness at times. And it's been working. If she makes it to the end, she's got a very strong case for winning by this point. Grade: D+

Jessica has somehow been pegged a huge mental threat when the reality seems to be that she's about as much of a threat as Nicole. She just happens to have won back-to-back competitions a few weeks ago, which immediately made her look like a threat. Her social game has been a mess as she's made basically no alliances. Plus, she's not shown any real skill with her words, so unless she can get Christie to campaign for her, her time is more than likely done. Grade: D-

House Chatter

"It sucks feeling unwanted ... Me getting picked last on the playground, that's the kind of feeling, you know?" Jessica (after getting nominated)

"I want to do on the feeds like a little Q&A, and I'll do one with each person like a different day. And we can just like talk about ourselves, what makes us tick. 'Hot Takes with Holls,' so people can get to know everybody." --Holly (to Michie and Nicole)

"A lot of the conversations to get to know people down to their core, I don't want America hearing. That's private, that's personal." --Michie

"It's a really good idea." --Nicole (diffusing)

"In normal life if I needed some space and to clear my head I would get my dog and go for a hike. You can't get space here." --Holly (getting frustrated with Michie)

"I have no idea where Holly's coming from. I'm her biggest supporter and her biggest fan and I want her to do whatever makes her happy. But Holly sometimes has a tendency to shut me down." --Michie

"I feel stupid because I opened up and now I'm being shut out." --Holly (the next morning)

"Are you seriously not gonna, like, say 'Good morning?'" --Holly

"I did." --Michie

"No you didn't."

"I'll talk to you upstairs. I'm not doing this here."

"Then f--king talk to me and act like I f--king exist. Stop being an asshole."


"Stop being a f--king asshole."

"I told you, 'Thanks for the coffee.'"

"You walked away, you literally didn't even say a word."

"I don't want to do this here in front of the other HouseGuests. Calling me a f--king asshole, that hurts the most because you don't talk to people you care about that way and I don't deserve that." --Michie (confessional)

"It seemed like you were just done, ignoring me." --Holly

"No, but I am now. I am now. I've been there, done that, got a t-shirt. I'm not doing it on CBS." --Michie

"This morning was exactly what every one of my exes has done." --Michie

"I'm not one of your exes." -- Holly

"Clearly you are. I'm done with this conversation. This is getting nowhere. And I'm praying for you. And I hope that in these next 25 days you can find the happiness that you want and that you make this experience everything that you thought it could be."

"I care about Holly more than I will ever show, unfortunately." --Michie

"I'm not gonna lie, I've been waiting for the moment to trash this house. I don't care. I'm ready to be a human wrecking ball in this house. --Michie (during POV competition)

"How rude. I sleep in this RV. And I'm pretty sure Michie was the one throwing all this stuff around. That was a douchebag thing to do." --Jessica (it was him)

"The house is an absolute pigsty. You don't waste food. That's rule number one in the Anthony household!" --Nicole

"Holy crap, Tommy won and this is insane because now I have a shot at staying this week because I feel like he's gonna use the veto on me. Things could not be better right now." --Christie (uh ... remember the trashed house?)

"Regardless of a personal level, you and I on a game level have to work together. We don't have a choice." --Michie

"I don't know if I want to ask questions that I don't want the answer to. 'Cause I don't think I could handle it right now. Is that what you want, though? Only to be game?"

"I don't know what I want. But I know that I don't want personal shit to pull you down or pull me down."

"We can make it to finale night if we stay focused." --Michie

"I know. And on the game I am very focused. I just don't want to lose you in the process." --Holly

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