Orlando Bloom Talks Kids with Katy Perry, Nude Pics and His Tiny 'Lord of the Rings' Paycheck
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Bloom also spoke about his relationship with ex-wife, Miranda Kerr.

There's no doubt Orlando Bloom's big break came when he was cast as Legolas in "Lord of The Rings," but he's now revealed his paycheck for the blockbuster trilogy was surprisingly small.

In an interview with Howard Stern on SiriusXM's Howard 100 Wednesday, the actor got candid about many topics, including the ups and downs of his career, his relationship with Katy Perry, and even those now-famous paddleboarding nude pics.

Bloom was catapulted into stardom after starring in Peter Jackson's blockbuster adaptation of J.R.R. Tolkien's "Lord of the Rings" trilogy. The films went on to shatter box-office records and the third installment, "The Return of the King," swept the Oscars in 2004, even taking home Best Picture.

Although the fantasy franchise was wildly successful, Bloom revealed to Stern he only earned $175,000 for the three films, which were released from 2001 to 2003.

However, Bloom told Stern that "LOTR" was "the greatest gift" of his life.

The "Pirates of the Caribbean" star also opened up about his relationship with Perry. The couple, who started dating back in 2016, announced their engagement last Valentine's Day. Bloom said he and Perry, who plan to marry next year, are already talking about kids. And according to Bloom, Perry has a "great relationship" with his 8-year-old son, Flynn, who he shares with his ex-wife Miranda Kerr.

"When you have a child, you realize you're not the most important person in the room," Bloom explained. "You know, it crushes your ego, and you go, 'Oh, wow,' right? So it reframes everything,” he explained. "She, you know, is still the most important person in her room [with] her family and everyone else. ... I'm sure, you know, having a child for me changed all of that, so I was in a different headspace and she had to kind of work on getting her head into a headspace that felt like, OK, partnership and stuff."

"I love kids," he added. "She's great with kids. It would be a wonderful thing. We are shooting for that. It's like this wild mustang. If we can just wrangle this beast and get on it'll ... we'll have the ride of our life."

Along with his relationship with Perry, Bloom is still on good terms with Kerr. The former pair were married from 2010 to 2013.

"She's like family. We're gonna be in each other's life for the rest of each other's lives because we have a child," Bloom said of his ex. The star joked about Flynn's famous parents, which will soon include Perry as a stepmom.

"My son has got, like, [Kerr's husband] Evan Spiegel as his stepdad. Like, the titans of industry," Bloom said. "Miranda the supermodel and Katy Perry as his [future stepmom]. I'm just like, 'We need to get him in therapy right now.'"

The "Troy" star also weighed in his now-famous nude photos, which made headlines back in 2016. If you recall, Bloom was photographed paddleboarding in the buff while vacationing with Perry in Italy.

When asked if he was "upset" about the pics going viral, Bloom replied, "Of course. I was like, 'Wait, what?'"

"First there's the photo with the block over it and you make some jokes -- 'Well, I hope they got a black box big enough to cover it,'" he recalled. "And then suddenly you realize that somebody is going to uncover the black box because they’re going to get paid enough money."

"It is really not that big," he added, humbly. "Things are extended on cameras with a big telescopic lens. That was an optical illusion."

According to Bloom, fans can also see some skin in his new series, "Carnival Row," which is now streaming on Amazon Prime. "I do get my butt out in 'Carnival Row,'" he promised.

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