O-Town Performed for Superfan James Corden on His Late-Night Show -- See Them Now!
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The host is a longtime fan of the boys, who are all now 39 years old.

A blast from the past performed on "The Late Late Show with James Corden" on Thursday night, as the host booked one of his very favorite boy bands: O-Town.

The group -- which once included Ashley Parker Angel but now consists of Dan Miller, Erik-Michael Estrada, Trevor Penick and Jacob Underwood -- hit the stage to show off their new sound with their latest single, "Off."

Flanked by backup dancers dressed as department store mannequins, the quarter showed off their own choreography as they sang the song, from their just-released album, "The O.T.W.N. Album."

The guys, known for their run on "Making the Band" and wet dreams-inspired debut single "Liquid Dreams," clearly still have sex on the brain with the new track.

"I don't care what you're wearing baby, you're just gonna take it off," they sing. "I know you think I'm playing, but you're perfect just the way you are. So we should take the night off, let's turn all the lights off, I'll take all your clothes off, go until we doze off, then we float off, yeah."

Corden has often spoken of his soft spot for the group, and his love of boy bands in general.

"I love them all, man," he once told USA Today. "I love even the ones that no one else loves, like I love O-Town."

"Dude, O-Town were ridiculous," he added. "If we were making a mockumentary like Spinal Tap about boy bands and we sat down and started to write it and said, 'Let's call their first single Liquid Dreams,' we'd go, 'It's too much.'

"No one would believe a boy band would bring out a song about wet dreams," Corden continued. "It's amazing to think they even got away with it." Corden also said Dan was his favorite, thanks to his vocals on "All or Nothing."

"The O.T.W.N. Album" is available now.